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When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…… The Nourisher.

Editorial :: Grass Meat Edition

By The Nourisher

Yesterday I filled out a permission form and a questionnaire from a NSW university who want to come test our youngest’s class for tooth decay to gather fluoride, diet and tooth decay statistics. We had a lot of fun, my eldest (12) and I, answering the questions on the form. Questions like, how many cups of juice, soft drink, cordial does your child eat each day, to which I answered ZERO. How many sweets? ZERO. Fruit? ZERO, sweetened yoghurt? ZERO. How many cups of milk per day? EIGHT! Ha Ha, so fun - 2 1/2 times what is ‘recommended’. How many serves of meat, FOUR to SIX. The Qld health department recommends one. How many pieces of bread? ONE. They recommend 4 to 6 (Do you know any child who can eat that much bread in a day? I don’t even know any adults who can.) We were laughing hard at this stage but the next set of questions was even funnier. Beware, my story may shock you..

We turned the page to see a set of pictures depicting different sized tooth brushes. The question was ‘which size does your child use?’ My answer was NONE. Giggling conspiratorially, we read the next question, “At what age did you child begin brushing his teeth?” NEVER. Are you shocked yet? A few more questions about how much tooth paste we use and when did our child first see a dentist, to which our answer was, you guessed it, NEVER.

Beaming at each other with the joy of recalcitrance, we suddenly realised we had missed the question about flouride. We looked back through the questionnaire. The only one relating to flouride was ‘are we on town water?’ My guess is they’ll marry up postcodes to see if we’re on flouride or not but never did they ask if we used a filter. Discovering this brought on another bout of laughter and head shaking.

At this point, my youngest wandered into the kitchen and we grabbed him to inspect his teeth. Yep, just as the last time I looked. No Cavities. Then Sai, our 12 year old, in his usual innocent and unassuming way, summed it up for us. “We’re not like every body else are we Mum?” He doesn’t clean his teeth often either, only when they get unattractively dirty really. He too has no cavities.

The day before, in a ceremony to celebrate returning from a personal development camp he and his classmates attended, Sai was praised by his peers for ‘being himself’; remaining individual regardless of what pressure his friends put on him to change. I am so proud. Here is a child, about to attend high school: a debilitating process of indoctrination, which most modern Westerners are required to undergo. Here is a child who already knows the power of mind control and the dangers of not following one’s own truth. A child who observes with simple compassion the trance his peers and his elders willingly fall into, for the sake of acceptance. A child who believes in himself, beyond all influence. I am so proud.

Proud too am I to introduce to you this month, contributors to our Grass Fed Meat Edition who, regardless of current nutritional advice, recommend we consume liberally, grass fed animal foods, including their fat, as did our ancestors. Sally Fallon and Mary Enig bring us Splendor from the Grass.

Proud am I to introduce our Grass Farmers who, regardless of outside influence, make choices to Nourish their animals, their land and their customers.

Proud am I to share with you my recipe for Pemmican, a review of Jo Robinson’s Pasture Perfect and my addition to the Green house debate.

Nourishing Prizes

Comment below what you’re proud of with regards to your Nourishing life and you could win a pack of Wise Traditions Magazines.
Congratulations to Shona, the Ethical Entrepreneur, who won the prize last month by sharing her favourite choccy recipe. Robyn, who won in November says, “I received the pack of books this week and would like to thank you very much. I am really enjoying reading them and learning a lot!!!! of new things.” You’re welcome Robyn.

We’re also giving away a Melrose prize pack worth $40 dollars again, all subscribers go in the draw to win that.

And Kefir is overflowing all over my kitchen thanks to the hot weather, so five very powerful pro biotic cultures will be given away to 5 subscribers who pass on the newsletter last month. Our newsletter software is having a conniption so we’ll have to tell you who winners are later on. Thanks to everyone who have passed on the Nourished Newsletter. We now have a family of 2,237 Nourishers.

Nourishing Community

Welcome to David from Sweet Poison, who’s contributing to Nourished with a new blog called Fructose. His first dose of common sense writing is, Tested on Humans. It’s quite revealing.

Welcome also to Joyful Homemaker, who’s learning all about Farming and sharing with us her journey.

Herdshare Fun

Check out this week’s Good Living article in the Sydney Morning Herald. On a wet morning last week 20 locals and myself posed for this photo which is part of the page 5 article about farm sharing and chook renting for city folk. Samantha Wright, the author, rang me a couple of weeks ago about and I told her about chook renting as it fit into her scope - city farming. It’s a great plug and we’re very happy with the photo. I’m a bit premenstrual though so I think I look as big as the cow. Is it just because everyone is standing behind me? Talk about ROBUST! Can you get more robust than them thar hips.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

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A Super Hero and one of many who have realised their true calling as saviors of humanity, healers of our connection with Nature and creators of Heaven on Earth. The Nourisher's gift is the re-spiritualisation of the 'process of recreation' we call eating. Mother of three Super Heroes in training and wife to her God incarnate, The Nourisher hails from the place of feminine healing, Byron Bay, Australia. She gathers together Life Creators from all over the globe at

COMMENTS - 14 Responses

  1. LOL, I love that story!!! thanks so much for sharing it.

    I am so proud that I can say I truly FEED my family, and I hope that this applies in the context of not only their bodies, but also their minds, souls and spirits.

    I am also proud to say that my little ones (not long turned 3 & 5) are already understanding the importance of the choices that we make in our lives regarding nutrition (among other things). Some time ago, quite a few months before my eldest turned 5, we used to go to the shopping centre once a week with a girl friend of mine who chooses not to look deeper into issue of nutrition. That being the case, she would do her “grocery shopping” on that day each week while we were with her. It so happened one day, that my eldest was riding in her trolley instead of in mine and I was kind of trailing behind a bit with one of her little ones in my trolley with my youngest. My friend told me later, that my daughter spent the entire time asking her, what was that she was getting and then asking, “Why do you get that one, we don’t get that one, we get ’such & such’ - that on is not very good for you!”. My friend was very frustrated, but couldn’t help laughing. Little miss 5 already knows her stuff!! LOL

  2. Well, what a fantastic article Joanne, you look gorgeous and I wish my hips were that small! LOL We too had a curly visit to the dentist (a kindy requirement) when the Dentist asked us which toothpaste we use and what size toothbrush. When I told her we only use a natural toothpaste that is fluoride free, sls free, sugar free etc etc and that we only brush every now and then she gave me a stern look and said ” Well we certainly dont recommend that here ” (and it went on). Now being an intuitive mother, I was able to pre empt what was going to happen and I proudly gave her an article from The Fluoride Deception and mentioned that she might want to do a little investigating for herself and that our children dont eat what most kids eat which is why they have no cavaties. She was surprised about this. I dont know what she was thinking when we left, but I certainly felt proud of my family and our Nourishing Traditions lifestyle. x

  3. 3. Stephanie Rivers
    Dec 2nd, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    I am very proud of the nourishing life I have made with my amazing husband and young daughter. I have had the privilege of starting a chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation here in our small, working class city. I have been especially successful in my education of young mothers through our local La Leche League and a local private school. I am continually delighted to see the light shine in a young mother’s eyes as she discovers the world of real, nourishing food.

    My husband calls me famous because of all the attention I receive for the work I do here in our community. My most important work, however, is the work I do here in my own home to provide healthy food for my family, even on a strict budget. My husband looks at me with admiration every time I make a particularly good, nourishing meal. He is my greatest fan. There is still much to be done here. Children still suffer from malnourishment (though they may be over-fed). Many adults, including some of my own relatives, are painfully killing themselves with bad food. We sometimes feel alone or strange when we attend holiday parties and don’t eat the cookies. Yet, we persist and give each other the support we need. We feel too good to ever go back to junk food.

  4. It amazes me that the young boys in the article have no cavities and rarely brush their teeth.

    I truly enjoy using the Nourishing Traditions cook book. I also love sitting and reading the wonderful articles and writings that are throughout the cook book. I was a vegetarian for many years as well as a vegan for a short while. The Lord has helped me to realize that animal products are very important in a persons diet and that processing the grains properly is extremely important and beneficial.

    What am I proud of in regards to diet? I am proud to follow some of the guidelines in the Nourishing Traditions cook book like fermenting, making broth and gelatin, soaking grains etc. I am also proud to follow a diet that includes animal products because our Heavenly Father gives us permission to eat clean meats.

    Dawn Oeth

  5. 5. Peggy Bennett
    Dec 3rd, 2008 at 11:27 am

    I am very proud that I have learned to listen to my body. When I first read some of the Weston Price principles, there were many I knew were right because my body lets me know when foods are bad for me. I started doing organic or local meats for health reasons but now when I try to eat any other meat my stomach hurts. I could never do processed corn products(tortillas,cornmeal, etc.) but can have ezekaial sprouted corn tortillas with no belly ache. I can’t eat wheat without stomach distress unless it’s sprouted or cultured. Couldn’t do dairy buy can do raw or cultured cheese with no problem. Can’t digest lean beef, it has to have a good amount of fat. I had health problems for 17 years and have not worked for 10. I went from doctor to doctor but no one could help. I began doing alternative medicine and improved but have really seen a difference since doing a more traditional diet. I have lost six sizes, and my strength and stamina have greatly improved. I am workiong two days a week and going back to college in a month. I don’t miss processed food, real food just tastes better. My son and I went through a lot because I was a single parent dealing with so many healh issues. I try to teach others about nutrition so they won’t go through the same hell. I am proud of all I’ve accomplished and know that I will be completely well one day.

  6. I think the photo is GORGEOUS!!! Be well, xo-Carla aka

  7. 7. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 3rd, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Joanna I love the photo, its gorgeous! Thanks again for Nourished Mag and for all the wonderful work you do!
    I am also very proud to have learnt how to nourish myself, my daughter and my guests. Nina now three has never owned a toothbrush and her teeth are strong and beautifully perfect! I myself quit tooth paste 3 years ago on my desperate mission to heal my gums, tooth enamel and cavities naturally after pregnancy caused serious deterioration due to my diets lack of nutrient dense food. This is how I found Dr Price and Sally Fallon and just in time to spare my daughter from her own nutritional deficiencies. While breastfeeding I managed to grow back my tooth enamel, stop active decay and begin remineralisation of many small holes ( like soil errosion ) along my bottom gum line. I now have no sensitivity and no need for dentists saving myself big bucks. Some of the most important changes I made to achieve included in a nourishing diet was to give up acidic fruits like grapefruit and pineapple, swap tooth paste for a tooth powder because glycerine in paste prevents enamel remineralisation especially if you brush before bed, soft brushing before food and never after, drank lots or raw milk kefir averaging one litre a day ( I stayed slim despite the addition of milk for the first time in 20+ years ), ate heaps of organic butter and cultured cream, cod liver and butter oil. And to top it off all of my tooth regeneration / remineralising happend AFTER I moved from fluoridated Melbourne to UN-fluoridated Castlemaine! Sadly we’ve been fluorided recently despite heavy opposition but another story. I’m still working on my temper that surfaces too often but overall my daughter and I set great examples of how effective, satisfying and enjoyable nourishing foods are to our lives. In three years Nina’s barely been sick suffering nothing at one stage for over 12 months and only one cold ever gave her enough snot that it effected her sleep! Nina is stronger and healthier than any child I’ve ever known at 3 despite my previous vegetarianism & veganism ( 12 years ), drug and alcohol addictions ( many years ago ), except she has my temper, bummer, but there’s hope we’ll beat that too! Just last week I overheard Nina tell 2 older girls 8 & 11 that they shouldn’t eat lollies, only smell them but don’t eat them because they’ll rot your teeth! How cool is that and I felt so happy, she’s getting it already!It looks as though there’ll be room for all Nina’s teeth unlike my own and all this makes me feel so greatful for all the wonderful work of Dr Price, Sally Fallon, Nourished Mag, WAPF Chapter leaders like Joanna & Stephanie ( great story ) etc. If I hadn’t come by this info our story wouldn’t be so good and I may never have experienced the absolute bliss of eating foods like lacto-fermented red grapes with thick RAW cream, lacto- fermented tomato chutney ( thanks David! ) or raw milk kefir! There’s nothing attractive about junk food, nothing. I’ve just started a local Chapter here in Castlemaine and loving this new path in life. Its wonderful to share such vaulable information with others. Its funny where the universe guides us, I’ve decided to homeschool thanks to John Gatto so we’ve swapped from Steiner to a playgroup mainly of homeschooling families just out of town. All four families I’ve met so far are vegan and many of their children’s teeth are already effected by decay despite their organic wholefood diets. They’re very interested in talking nutrition and Weston Price and I feel really welcome even though I’m far from vegan. My Granddad read Nourishing Traditions and loved it, and now 8 months later he’s got a new girlfriend at 79, I wonder if they’re connected? Life is very interesting and wonderful! This nourishing way will help save the world because healthy people can really contribute. As we get healthier the evil corps like big pharma will cease to exist lightening the load on our precious environment.
    I too am proud of all I’ve accomplished, and it just gets better and better!

  8. Cathy,

    you said “ate heaps of organic butter “, is that just ordinary organic, not necessarily made from RAW milk?

    I have a lot to learn about this more ‘balanced’ way of eating and not sure what, if anything that is from pasteurised milk is ok. I cannot get any RAW dairy within easy distance and can’t travel either due to arthritic skeleton. I don’t have the Sally Fallon book yet, but I can still learn by other means.


  9. 9. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 4th, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Hello Nepal
    All butter from grass fed animals is excellent especially in the spring and autumn when the grass is growing fast giving butter a lovely deep yellow color ( pale butter is very low in fat soluble vitamins ) . Raw butter from rapid growing grass is almost orange because of its higher Vit A content. The essential fat soluble vitamins are sensitive to heat but Sally Fallon explains in NT that these Vit are still avail in the butter made from pasteurised cream. Butter is mainly oil so its very easily digested even allowed on Bee Wilder’s candida program! If a person is extremely sensitive to dairy then Ghee ( clarified butter ) or butter oil is best.
    I only experienced the joy of orange raw butter for several months over a year ago now and hope it returns soon. All the butter I eat is pasteurised and organic. Savy ( New Zealand ) does a nice unsalted butter in bulk working out great value and Paris Creek ( South Australia ) do a biodynamic butter but its expensive unless you live near the farm and buy from their market.
    I’ve just descovered an on line shop that sells organic RAW butter oil for $15 to $18 270grms!! Their product hasn’t been raw the past 9 months because of QLD’s draught but I hear they’ll soon be in supply again some time soon by Cleapatra’s raw dairy thanks to the rain. Presently their delicious Ghee ( butter oil ) comes from New Zealands organic pasteurised butter.
    There is a wonderful raw butter oil of the highest quality sold by Green Pastures ( ) $100 for up to 3 month supply, 230 grams. This oil comes from cows eating rapid growing grass, this will help especially help your arthritis.
    Eat as much butter as you can. You can buy Sally’s NT on line here at Nourished, it’ll be one of your best investment! If you have a spare $50 join the Weston A Price Foundation, the work this group does is outstanding.

  10. 10. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 5th, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Hi Nepal, wow you’re in England! Good on you for giving up the smoking! Yogurt made from PM milk is good for most people. Just make sure it doesn’t have milk solids added. Just plain old PM wholemilk and cultures should be its ingredients. Out of many, many brands of yogurt, I’ve only seen two brands here, smaller farms and organic, that fit this description. Raw cheese is so beneficial, I’m sure there would be some avail to you there. French rockerfort blue is raw and so are Swiss cheeses. These are avail here even though raw is illegal, some bigger law means Australia must except some raw cheese into the country. Kefir is easy as anything and yes it brings organic PM milk back to life as long as it hasn’t been homogenised. I strain my kefir in the morning, then I pop my grains into another clean jar / jug, pour over milk and let it ferment again for the next 24 hours, ready for straining again the following morning. Its an easy routine and great for breaky. No sterilising needed.
    You should get some butter oil, its expensive but lasts so long it works out ok good value. I’m sure you can order direct from Green Pasture’s in America Get their fermented cod liver oil while you are at it, this too goes a very long way. These two superfoods top the list.

  11. Update: Ronin’s dental report came back. How many cavities? NONE! And no Flouride either.

  12. 12. Marie (New & Nourishing)
    Dec 15th, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    haha that is great - you guys are all so inspiring!

  13. what a great story. I have to make that push to finally get my girls off cordial, even though they drink raw milk too and cod liver, butter etc,
    funnily enough, when I chuck out the sirop and say there’s none left they don’t seem to mind after a day of moaning.
    we use Miessence toothpaste - no gelatin either in that its fab.

  14. E is 14,5 she brush only a few times a week - but the only time she has a cavity was when she was 8 yo- prior to our NY days… I have only had very few cavities- and the last one I had disappeared again.
    E does not do dairy except for organic cheese, butter( lots) and some cream- I do organic dairy mainly yoghurt, butter and cheese- we canĀ“t get raw milk in DK.
    Supplements : E has vitamin D3 and calcium citrate all year round + fish oil and kelp
    while I have d3 in winter, codliver oil , and magnesium.

    We brush ( I do mainly) with sea salt( baking soda mixture with peppermint oil.

    My dentist is completely confused…


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