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Grass Fed Animals better for environment and human body.

By Joanne Hay

March 7, the “Union of Concerned Scientists released the first comprehensive study that confirms that beef and milk from animals raised entirely on pasture have higher levels than conventionally raised beef and dairy cattle of beneficial fats that may prevent heart disease and strengthen the immune system.”

Weston Price was warning the department of US Agriculture about factory farming long ago. In the 1940s he wrote prolifically about the value of eating fat from grass fed animals. His works disappeared from public view quickly because the greed of certain agribusiness conglomerates called for other recommendations be made to the American public. Non foods such as vegetable shortening and margarine began to be included in their diets in the guise of prudent nutrition, to avoid heart disease: the fastest growing disease at the time. Did it work? No, heart disease is still one of the biggest killers in the Western World.

“When you eat grass-fed meat, you’re getting beef with benefits,” said the Union of Concerned Scientists report author Dr. Kate Clancy, a nutritionist and senior scientist in the Food and Environment Program at UCS. “There are no losers in producing cattle entirely on pasture. Farmers win, consumers win, the environment wins, and even the cattle win.”

It’s not easy to find grass fed animals. Lamb is probably the most likely in Australia to be grass fed. Make sure they are organic though, or they will have been dipped in insecticide and fed on fertilised pasture (You don’t want to be eating these poisons). Pigs raised in Australia, by law, must be fed grains. If, however, those grains are sprouted, this would make a difference. If you know of any butcher who supplies grass fed meat, let us know, leave a comment.

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Joanne Hay, Editor of Nourished Magazine, Chief Nourisher and Mother of three is very grateful to live in Byron Bay and be able to share all she has learned about Nourishment. She has trained as an Acupuncturist (unfinished), Kinesiologist (finished) and parent (never finished). She serves the Weston A Price Foundation as a chapter leader. She loves sauerkraut, kangaroo tail stew, home made ice cream, her husband Wes and her kids Isaiah, Brynn and Ronin (in no particular order…well maybe ice cream first).

COMMENTS - 32 Responses

  1. 1. Graeme Hand
    Apr 19th, 2006 at 2:06 pm

    We raise grass fed beef without drenches, insecticides,pesticides, vaccinations, etc.
    We are finding it hard to obtain interest in our beef which we sell in 7 & 15 kg packs. Is there a buying group in Melbourne or SW Victoria

  2. Hi there Graeme

    Glad to hear you are one of our passionate farmers in Australia who are making the time and taking the effort to grow REAL FOOD!! In Brisbane, we have a similar connection with a cattle farmer in the Darling Downs and we certainly enjoy his meat.
    I have referred your name and details to someone who may be able to help you. Her name is Jenni and hopefully she will be in contact with you soon. You only need ONE good contact to progress your business. My first sale was for 14 quarters and I had people in and out of the house - talking with farmer and sharing stories and swapping recipes etc - it was a great day. I call myself the City Cousin and am the drop off point for the meat. My farmer lets me know a week before how much each quarter each, I collect the money beforehand and pay him on the day. Everything worked really well.
    Because we are Weston A Price devotees, we wanted all the organ meats, bones and suet and wanted more fat in our mince and sausages - We are still educating the butcher!! Good luck for the future……

  3. I am looking for grass-fed organic meat (beef, lamb, poultry) in Victoria. We live in Melbourne. Home delivery would be good. I am interested in buying organ meats, as well as bones too.


  4. Where does one find grass fed beef on the consumer side, in Brisbane? Beef that I can take home not from a restaurant.

  5. Tatiana,

    You can buy organic lamb on-line from Taroona Farm in NSW ( ) but whether they will deliver to Victoria or not you’ll have to contact Wendy Muffett ( The lambs are only available from February to October as hot weather does not agree with them and are fed classical music (as well as grass) to have a calming effect on them. I have it on authority from Wendy that while the lambs like the music, the shearers don’t! By the way, the lamb is very, very tender.

  6. Hi, I am also from Melbourne Western Suburbs and looking for grass fed lamb and beef as well as dairy products. Has anyone found somewhere in Melbourne where I can buy from either a direct dealer or have home delivery?

  7. This company is currently establishing a home delivery business in Melbourne. The business has been successfully operating in Perth for a while now. Lots of useful info on website and is a great tasting meat. Doesn’t have the aroma, or aftertaste of convential lamb.

  8. 8. Steve Harris
    Jul 22nd, 2008 at 8:35 pm
  9. Thanks so much Steve, I will give them a call and find out how we go. If they are any good in Melbourne I will leave another blog to let others know.

  10. Hi, I’m another in Melbourne looking for grassfed beef/lamb…
    Can anyone tell me about Polkinghorne’s meat? I believe their cows are fed grain their last month. I don’t want any grain, however…Is there a farmer around Melbourne that will sell a 1/4 a cow? I’m interested in splitting a cow with other families then deep freezing my meat. Thanks!

  11. Hello Graeme, Judy, Tatiana, Steve, Rob, Mary, Cathy, Twyla,

    Here are a few websites you can look at to get grass fed meat. Hope this helps.

    I am happy to see more people requesting the healthy alternative of grass fed.

    warm regards
    olga szewczuk

  12. I can highly recommend a farmer in Gippsland who is biodynamic and raises and finishes beef and lamb on grass. Home delivery is weekly or second weekly into Melbourne. Prices are excellent for bulk lots. You can also request bones, organs and saturated fat. Email me on

  13. Please feel free to visit our website.
    By cutting out the middle men we have managed to make Organic meats available at less than half the average price, passing on a substantial saving to you.

  14. Hi Colin, what is your website?

  15. Hi
    I am also from Brisbane and looking for grass fed beef and lamb but cannot buy the 20 and 25kg lots from
    Mitchells …way too much for one person .
    Is there anywhere I can obtain these meats in smaller quantities ??
    thanks Annie.

  16. 16. Nia Holtom
    Oct 2nd, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Try Farmer Dave for lamb. He will deliver all kinds of packs to you and he comes to the Gold Coast FArmers markets and now has a shop at Ashmore

  17. Hi we deliver grass fed beef and lamb from our farm at gippsland.Try our web site.(www,

  18. 18. Colins website
    May 19th, 2009 at 1:51 am

    Hey Sharon, Colin’s website can be found by clicking on his name. Otherwise here is his site:

  19. At whats your beef we now are offering sides of beef and lamb cut packed and delivered to your door direct from the paddock to you.We have to adhere to all rules about meat safety thats why we have food supervisor certificates and come under Prime safe with our van that we deliver to you.Feel free to have a look and give as a call .Best from

  20. Sean, cant find your website. Can you post a direct link?

  21. Megan,
    Just go to Post no. 19 & click on sean’s name (LHS,above the date) & it will take you to his website.

  22. Pino’s Dolce Vita Fine Foods has grass fed beef and lamb and antiboitic and hormone free pork.

  23. Hi,

    We are wagyu beef producers in the north west of NSW. We produce a grass fed wagyu beef (see our website for testimonials and details of our product). We can supply brisbane and the gold coast direct from our local butcher shop but are also looking for a quality butcher who appreciates the benefits of grass fed beef who can sell and even deliver our product accross brisbane and the gold coast. We sell packs for as little as $14.99/kg + delivery to the public and unprocessed bodies to butchers.


    Jason Lewis

  24. I checked out the above website and it says the beef is grass fed, however it is also fed grain for a minimum of 100 days. For the experienced NT’rs, do we look for meat that is 100% grass fed, no grains at all?

  25. Until few months ago ,search for Wagyu beef in Brisbane was a nightmare and to find a perfect butcher with style,class ,superb quality products and 10/10 Customer service was only Utopia.Dream… My long time search is over! I finnaly foun the spot where you can go and enjoy while shoping for quality gourmet meats and experience 10/10 in all categories of their service.

    Pete Cabassi`s Kobe’s Gourmet Butchery in White Hill ,Samuel Village Shops,Camp Hill.

    I have visited Meat markets and Butcher shops from the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast ,Toowoomba and up to Gladstone and trust me,so far I have experienced anything like Pete had to offer.

    Class and cleanliness - 10/10, Customer Service -10/10, Quality - 10/10 , Speed - 10/10 , Product Freshness - unbeatable, tender, juicy ,rich and absolutely delicious Meats that’s full of flavour and cooked to perfection.

    Wagyu Beef - 11/10 ,Chicken,Veal and Lamb 10/10 , Angus Beef, Duck, Sausages…mmmmmm - 110% above any expectations.

    I am so excited to share this with all of you and I strongly recomend Pete Cabassi`s Kobe’s Gourmet Butchery in White Hill.

    I wish him all the best and hope for his business Success.

    Well done Pete !!!

  26. We are certified organic lamb and cereal grain producers in Central Victoria. Our website is - we sell our lamb on line and can arrange home delivery to Melb & metro area; most regional vic locations and some interstate locations. Please take a look at our website. Our most recent excitement was for our lamb to be served at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Big Night Out with 15′ 15 Foundation Fundraising Dinner held at National Gallery Victoria in March 2010!

  27. Mick the butcher here. I have a shop in highpoint out the front of safeway called Jindivick Meats. We sell actual grass fed beef and lamb as well otway pork. Problem solved for you Melbourne guys! The rest of you, just remember… alot of claims are made in the meat industry and alot of corners cut for the sake of profit, so ask questions and if the bloke behind the counter looks like he is full of shit and talks like he is full of shit then there is a mighty chance he is full of shit. Way too many shops selling meat as grass fed when they do not actually know. One butcher was convinced ALL cows ate grass but when pressed admitted that he wasn’t sure if his grass fed beef was fed grain or not. good luck.

  28. Polkinhorns beef is finished on grain, or at least was when i worked there. My answer is go in and ask him. he will not lie! if it isn’t it will give him food for thought… so to speak

  29. Mick the Butcher here. I have a shop in Highpoint out the front of safeway called Jindivick Meats. We sell actual grass fed beef and lamb. Problem solved for those of you in Melbourne! For the rest a word of advice, grass fed beef is easy enough to locate, alot of the time quality is an issue, but more often bent truths, misleading advertising and out and out dodginess in the meat industry is your main hurdle for not being able to enjoy authentic, healthy and o so very tasty grass fed beef. Ask questions and if things don’t seem right they probably aint. One guy selling grass fed beef told me ALL cows ate grass, but when pressed admitted he was not sure if his grass fed beef was finished on grain or not. Good luck

  30. I am looking for grass fed beef in the Ballarat (Victoria) area, any help would be appreciated. Sue

  31. If your looking for quality grass fed beef from Gippsland with the Meat Standards Australia tenderness guarantee, and with the farmers involved in each step of the process, check out Enviromeat. It is from farms that have undertaken a rigorous process to monitor and improve their environmental footprint, all the animals are free-range, and none use hormonal growth promotants. The MSA tenderness guarantee takes the guess work out of a fantastic beef meal.

  32. Home delivered meat to Melbourne and regional Victoria. Hi. I’ve been running Meatfresh since April 1996 and offer a very family friendly and affordable service to families. Checkout the website. Email me to ask any questions…..Richard


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