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How to Overcome Candida (Part 1)

By Bee Wilder

This is the original version of this extremely popular article. It has since been updated by Bee and posted in Nourished Magazine.  There are 49 comments on this article,  if you have any questions for Bee,  they may have already been answered here, otherwise feel free to ask again at the new version here.

What is Candida?

Candida is the short name used to describe yeast overgrowth in the body. The technical term is Candidiasis. It is a yeast that is a single cell fungi that belongs to the vegetable kingdom. Like their “cousins” the molds, they live all around us. One family “Candida Albicans” lives in all mucus membranes, i.e. intestines, eyes, ears, bladder, stomach, lungs, vagina, etc. It is one of the billions of other friendly organisms that serve a useful purpose in the body. One of its important functions is to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria.

However, Candida is not intended to overgrow and get out of control while the body is alive. This is only intended to happen when the body dies, when it’s function and characteristics change in order to break down the body.

How Candida Affects Us?

When Candida Albicans is under control it poses no problem, but when it gets out of control it begins to overgrow causing numerous symptoms and health problems from the top of the head to the tips of the toes, from migraines to nail fungus. It can result in symptoms inside (pain and malfunction of organs, even brain lesions) and outside (eczema and hives). It can also cause problems with the mind and emotions.

What Causes Candida to get out of control?

A healthy immune system keeps Candida in balance with the other micro organisms in the mucous membranes but under certain conditions it begins to overgrow and get out of control. The causes of immune system dysfunction are varied and complex, but antibiotics are the biggest culprits because they wipe out friendly micro organisms, in the digestive system. Because Candida is resistant to antibiotics the imbalance of micro organisms allows it to take over. It begins to change its shape and starts to overgrow; raising large families called colonies.

These colonies excrete toxins that circulate throughout the body further weakening the immune system and creating havoc throughout the body. The Candida produces very long root-like structures that penetrate intestinal walls leaving microscopic holes which allows toxins, undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast to enter the bloodstream. This condition is known as the “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, which causes food allergies and many health problems. These root-like structures also causes considerable damage to the walls of the intestines resulting in malabsorption of nutrients.

Adding to the problem of malabsorption are nutritional deficiencies that also weaken the immune system. Today’s standard diet lacks the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system. It is loaded with sugar, carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils and fats (trans-fats), white flour products, processed foods, food additives, preservatives, pesticides, and heavy metals. This, in addition to foods being irradiated (exposed to high levels of radiation to extend shelf life), and being grown in nutrient depleted soil, long storage and transportation time, and improper handling, cooking and microwaving that goes on in most homes, further depletes nutrients available. All of these factors contribute to a weakened immune system.

Candida causes many health problems and symptoms including allergies, fatigue, headaches, digestive disorders, vaginitis, arthritis, muscle weakness, joint pain, nasal congestion, pain or tightness in the chest, blurred vision, ear problems, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, foggy thinking, loss of memory and a host of other ailments.

The Candida Control Program

In order to get Candida overgrowth under control four things need to be done simultaneously:

  1. Eliminate foods that feed Candida
  2. Build up the immune system
  3. Kill off Candida overgrowth
  4. Plant good bacteria in the digestive tract

1. Eliminate foods that feed Candida

Candida overgrowth is mainly fuelled by:

  • sugar
  • refined carbohydrates
  • gluten grains


Candida’s main food supply is sugar and all forms of it, such as lactose contained in dairy products, honey, glucose, fructose, and sugar substitutes, i.e. Nutrasweet, aspartame, saccharin. Eliminating sugar is the most important part of the Candida Program. All fruit, except lemons, are also very high in sugar and should be extremely limited during the initial stages of the program, along with some vegetables that are very high in sugar, such as carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, parsnips and beets. Sugar also contained is most processed foods such as smoked luncheon meats, ketchup, cereal, and yogurt making it important to read labels carefully. Following is a partial list of the names for sugar and sweeteners.

Names for Sugar and Sweeteners

Aspartame, carob powder, corn starch, crystalline carbohydrate dextrin, dextrose, disaccharides, galactose, glucose, levulose, malts of any kind, maltitol, maltodextrin, maltose (malt sugar), manitol, mannitol, mono-saccharides, sucrose, Nutrasweet, polydextrose, polysaccharides, ribose, saccharin, sorghum, suamiel, succanat, xylitol.

It has been known for many years that sugar greatly depresses the immune system. In the 70s Linus Pauling knew that white blood cells needed a high dose of vitamin C. That was when he came up with his theory that high doses of vitamin C were needed to combat the common cold. But Vitamin C and glucose have similar chemical structures and they compete for one another upon entering the cells. If there is more glucose around less vitamin C will be allowed into the cell, and interestingly taking Vitamin C also helps curb sugar cravings.

These are a few of the negative effects sugar has on health:

  • Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection
  • Sugar upsets mineral relationships in the body
  • Sugar interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein
  • Sugar can change the structure of protein
  • Sugar can increase the body’s fluid retention
  • Sugar can cause hormonal imbalances
  • Sugar is an addictive substance and can be intoxicating, similar to alcohol

High carbohydrates

Candida also feeds on high carbohydrate foods such as starches and grains, i.e. breads, pasta, pizza, cereals, baked goods and potatoes. Vegetables high in carbohydrates include beans, beets, squash, zucchini, corn, peas, parsnips and carrots. Grain foods (wheat, rice, corn, oats, etc.) store their energy as complex strands of sugar molecules, a starch. Starch breaks down into individual sugar molecules (glucose, or blood sugar) during digestion. All carbohydrates eaten turn into glucose (blood sugar), but only 58% of the protein and about 10% of the fat eaten are converted to glucose.

Gluten Grains

Most Candida sufferers are gluten intolerant. Gluten is an elastic and gluey protein found in wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, triticale and it is hidden in an endless variety of processed foods. Triticale is a new hybrid grain with the properties of wheat and rye, while spelt and kamut are gluten-containing wheat variants and are likely to cause problems similar to other wheat varieties. Gluten-containing grains have come to be used extensively in breads and other baked goods because of their “glutinous,” sticky consistency.

Gluten grains feed Candida because they have a high glycemic index just like sugar, and like sugar, creates insulin resistance within the cells which leads to blood sugar problems like hypoglycemia and diabetes. The cells become resistant to insulin as they try to protect themselves from the toxic effective of high doses of insulin caused by high intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates. As the cells become insulin resistant, the pancreas produces more insulin which creates a vicious cycle. This exhausts the pancreas eventually leading to its breakdown resulting in diabetes.

Gluten grains contain a protein that is difficult to digest and interferes with mineral absorption and causes intestinal damage. This damage makes the intestines incapable of absorbing nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and even water in some cases.

Our grain food supply also contains mycotoxins (a toxin produced by a fungus), especially found in corn and wheat. Mycotoxins can suppress our normal immune function. See the section on Yeast, Mold and Fungus for more information.

2. Build up the immune system

Building up the immune system requires:

  • Eating the right foods
  • Taking essential supplements
  • Avoiding yeast, mold and fungus

Eating the right foods

If the wrong diet is constantly consumed, or if yeast overgrowth damage is never reversed from previous drug and antibiotic use, a cure can almost never be achieved. Eating the right foods is the most important aspect of getting Candida under control and building up the immune system.

The “Candida Control Diet” is high in protein and good saturated fats and oils, and low in carbohydrates, and contains no sugars, grains or processed foods. All foods must be as fresh and natural as possible, and free of additives, pesticides, heavy metals, irradiation, mycotoxins, etc.:

Meats and fats should be from organic grass-fed free-range animals and from good oils such as coconut, palm and fish. Fish should be from non-farmed sources and as free of mercury and other pollutants as possible. Vegetables should be from reliable certified organic sources.

Protein - It is important that Candida sufferers eat a high protein diet from a selection of high quality protein foods, i.e., dairy products, eggs and meat. Proteins are found in all types of food, but only meat, eggs and cheese contain complete proteins, providing the eight essential amino acids your body cannot produce on its own. Incomplete proteins are contained in vegetables, fruits and grains. Amino acids provide the structure of all living things and in the human body they make up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and body fluids (except bile and urine). Enzymes, hormones and genes are also made up of various amino acids.

Protein in the diet slows the breakdown of carbohydrates, which decreases the need for insulin secretion by the pancreas. It also stimulates glucagon release, that hormone that unlocks our stored fuel.

The best protein sources are meats that aren’t mass-produced, such as lamb, buffalo, bison, ostrich, venison or other wild game, or naturally-raised meat including poultry, eggs, beef, and pork.

To obtain enough protein 3-6 ounces of meat per meal is required, depending on exercise levels.

Good Fats & Oils - Good fats and oils are equally important to protein in the diet and they are essential to getting Candida under control. They not only increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the foods eaten but also provide the most efficient source of energy. They also provide the building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormones and hormone-like substances.

Good fats act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A, for mineral absorption and for a host of other processes. The kinds of fats consumed greatly influence the assimilation and utilization of vitamin D.

Cholesterol is the body’s version of fat, and contrary to popular belief cholesterol, is your best friend. Cholesterol’s job is to repair and protect, and it is essential for nourishing the brain and nervous system. The brain is 70% cholesterol and it could not function properly without it. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are made from cholesterol. Bile salts (for digestion) are made from cholesterol. Cholesterol is also a powerful antioxidant.

Cholesterol is a substance vital to the cells of all mammals. There are no such things as good or bad cholesterol, in fact your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat. The eminent American physician and scientist George Mann called the cholesterol theory “the greatest scientific deception of this century, perhaps of any century.”

Essential Fatty Acids - There are also two types of essential fatty acids that must be obtained from the diet and these are omega-3s and omega-6s. They are called essential because we have to get them from food because our bodies can’t manufacture them from other fats. Most people’s diets contain an excessive amount of omega 6 fats, therefore it is important to ensure the diet contains more omega 3 rich foods to offset this imbalance.

Good sources of omega 3s are animal meats and eggs. Grass-fed meats are a good source of omega-3s and 6s, however the best type of omega-3 fats are found in fish. That is because the omega-3 in fish is high in two fatty acids crucial to human health, DHA and EPA. These two fatty acids are essential in preventing heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. Because of the high mercury content of fresh fish the best way to obtain these important fatty acids is to take fish oils in their purest form.

Avoid all newfangled fats and oils (trans fats) - Candida sufferers cannot afford to jeopardize their health by consuming toxic oils and fats and must avoid all of the newfangled polyunsaturated fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils (margarine, Canola oil, safflower oil, etc.), called trans fats. These newfangled fats and oils are not only toxic and increase the body’s need for vitamin E and other antioxidants, but also depress the immune system. All trans fats, found in margarine and shortenings used in most commercial baked goods and most processed food, should always be avoided even by healthy people.

All of these fats and oils are extracted by a process called hydrogenation. This process employs: 1) High heat, 2) A metal catalyst such as nickel, zinc, copper, or other reactive metals and 3) Hydrogen gas. This is a volatile combination that results in an extremely toxic product that the body reacts to like plastic.

Even when refrigerated, hydrogenated oils stay liquid and go rancid very easily. Vegetable oils should never be heated or used in cooking, except for extra virgin olive oil, which must be handled with care.

The most common newfangled trans fats on the market to avoid are derived from plants such as canola (from rape seed), soy, safflower, corn, and flaxseed. These plants have evolved a variety of toxins designed to protect themselves from “predators,” such as grazing animals. These toxins block digestive enzymes that break down protein in the stomach. They seem to be specifically designed to effect mammalian enzymes that are are necessary for digestion, production of thyroid hormones, clot removal, immunity and general adaptability of cells. Therefore using such plants to produce oils and fats is unnatural.

The more appropriate kind of fat for health is saturated fat, in spite of what we’ve been led to believe, which plays many important roles in body chemistry. But saturated fats have been given a bad name by the oil and food manufacturing industry with the sole purpose of selling their products. This is also true for drug companies who perpetuate the cholesterol myth and low-fat diets in order to sell drugs.

The truth is, natural fats and oils have components found only in them, which are health-promoting, and the newfangled trans fats are now known to be disease-causing. These health-giving saturated fats are stable and do not become rancid easily and they do not draw upon the body’s reserves of antioxidants nor do they initiate cancer or irritate the artery walls.

Healthy saturated fats are an important part of any healthy meal. It draws nutrients out of foods and slows digestion so that natural enzymes and the assimilation process can take place. Healthy saturated fats include butter, tallow, lard, and fish, palm and coconut oils.

Butter - Butter and cream from raw milk produced by organic grass-fed cows are tasty, important saturated fats in the diet. Butter added to vegetables and meats, and cream added to soups and sauces ensures proper assimilation of the minerals and water-soluble vitamins in foods.

Many trace minerals are also contained in butterfat, including manganese, zinc, chromium and iodine. In areas far from the sea, iodine in butter protects against goiter (enlarged thyroid). Butter is also extremely rich in selenium, a trace mineral with antioxidant properties.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is another healthy saturated fat that contains many properties that are beneficial to Candida sufferers which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It also kills off yeast overgrowth. Coconut oil supports immune system function, supplies important nutrients necessary for good health and improves digestion and nutrient absorption.

The fat in coconut oil is easily digested and absorbed, unlike the newfangled trans fats that act like plastic in the body. It puts little strain on the digestive system and provides a quick source of energy necessary to promote healing. Coconut oil is absorbed directly from the intestines into the portal vein and sent straight to the liver, whereas other fats require pancreatic enzymes to break them into smaller units.

Look for unrefined coconut oil, since most commercial coconut oils are refined, bleached, and deodorized. It is highly resistant to spoilage and has a long shelf life (up to 2 years at room temperature). Coconut oil has a high burning point and is a perfect oil for cooking. Coconut oil can be taken by the tablespoonfuls with meals to aid digestion. A good therapeutic dose is 1 to 2 tablespoons with fat containing meals.

Fish oils - Fish, unlike mammals, birds and reptiles, do not respond to sunlight and rely on vitamin D found in phytoplankton and other fish. They must feed on phytoplankton and other fish in order to obtain and store significant vitamin D in their fat, flesh, skin, and organs.

Unfortunately, eating most fresh fish, whether from the ocean, lakes and streams, or farm-raised, is no longer recommended because of their dangerously high mercury levels. Unless reliable sources can be found it is strongly recommended to avoid eating all fish since their high levels of mercury dramatically compromises health.

The only safe sources of fish are those that have been tested and shown not to contain detectable levels of mercury and other toxins. Since fish are the best source of Vitamin D, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) are so essential to health, they must be obtained without eating fish.

The best sources of vitamin D are cod liver oil and halibut liver oil, and EFAs are found in all fish oils. Look for oils that are free of chemical modification and processing, purified to the highest standards, routinely tested and free from detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCBs and other contaminants.

A good therapeutic daily dose of cod liver oil or plain fish oil liquid is one teaspoon for every 50 pounds of body weight per day. If you weigh 150 pounds that would be about one tablespoon (three teaspoons) per day.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - There are also two types of essential fatty acids that must be obtained from the diet and these are omega-3s and omega-6s. They are called essential because we have to get them from food because our bodies can’t manufacture them from other fats. Most people’s diets contain an excessive amount of omega 6 fats, therefore it is important to ensure the diet contains more omega 3 rich foods to offset this imbalance.

Good sources of omega 3s are animal meats and eggs. But there is an important difference in the ratio of omega-6s to 3s according to how the animals are fed and raised. For example, grain-fed beef can have ratios that exceed 20:1, but grass-fed beef is down around 3:1. Similar ratios are found in all grain-fed versus grass-fed livestock products. Grass-fed livestock are rich in all the fats that are health-enhancing and provide the body with goods fats for the production of cholesterol. Similarly free-range fed chickens produce eggs with an omega 6:3 ratio of 1.5 to one, whereas the “supermarket egg” has a ratio of 20 to one.

Grass-fed meats are a good source of omega-3s and 6s, however the best type of omega-3 fats are found in fish. That is because the omega-3 in fish is high in two fatty acids crucial to human health, DHA and EPA. Because of the high mercury content of fresh fish the best way to obtain these important fatty acids is to take fish oils in their purest form as mentioned above.

Carbohydrates - Low carbohydrate consumption is an important aspect of the Candida Control Diet since high carbohydrate foods feed the Candida. Carbohydrate foods are any foods that are not protein or fat, including all vegetables, grains and fruits. Since grains and most fruit, except lemons, are eliminated on the Candida Control Diet this leaves a wide variety of vegetables that are healthy to consume. Vegetables with the lowest carbohydrate index are green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, spinach, asparagus, celery, peppers, kale, mustard greens, and Chinese cabbage. Some vegetables also inhibit the growth of Candida such as raw garlic, onions, horseradish, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, and kale.

Avoid Soybean and Soy-based foods - Soybeans contains large quantities of natural toxins or “anti-nutrients,” including potent enzyme inhibitors that block the action of enzymes needed for protein digestion. These inhibitors are not completely deactivated during ordinary cooking and can produce serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid (proteins) uptake. In test animals, diets high in enzyme inhibitors cause enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, thyroid malfunction and other diseases including cancer. Soybeans also contain haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together.

Soy also contains one of the highest percentages of pesticides of any of our foods and is 99% genetically modified. Soybeans are also high in phytic acid, present in the bran or hulls of all seeds, which blocks the uptake of essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc - in the intestinal tract. Candida sufferers must avoid soy and all soy products in order to get well.

Salt & Spices - Salt is a very important part of a balanced diet, along with other beneficial spices. It plays an important part in the primary processes of digestion and absorption. Salt activates the first enzyme in the mouth, salivary amylase, and sodium chloride (salt) is used to make hydrochloric acid, a secretion needed for digestion. It is also important in keeping the proper balance of salt to potassium.

Salt has gotten a bad name just like the conspiracy against saturated fat. But most salt consumed today is not good for health since it highly-processed and is loaded with heavy metals and other harmful substances.

The best salt to consume is a good ocean sea salt that is hand-harvested, unprocessed, certified, and contains a natural balance of minerals. One such salt is Celtic Sea Salt which contains over 90 minerals and is very similar to the chemical make-up of our own blood. Taking this salt is the best way to obtain trace minerals. An excellent electrolyte drink is simply pure water with about 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt for every 6 ounces.

Taking essential supplements

Candida sufferers need to build up their immune system by supplementing with certain essential vitamins and minerals, that are yeast-free and sugar-free, including:

Calcium/Magnesium Citrate, with “elemental amounts” containing 800-1,200 mgs. of calcium with an equal ratio of magnesium.
Chlorella is a whole-food that contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It helps build the immune system, detoxifies heavy metals and other pesticides in the body, improves the digestive system, improves energy levels and normalize blood sugar and blood pressure. Take two capsules three times a day.
Vitamin B Complex (non-yeast), 50 mgs. twice a day.
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mgs. twice a day.
Vitamin D (with vitamin A) - take 1 teaspoon per 50 lbs. of body weight per day of a high quality cod liver oil or fish oil
Vitamin E, containing natural alpha tocopherol, (d-alpha tocopherol is synthetic), that is not from a soy source, 400 IU twice a day.

Bee Wilder has a wealth of knowledge and experience both as a former sufferer of candida and convenor of the candida support group. Since the 1980s when Bee could eat only a few types of foods and was so sensitive to yeasts she had to adminster herself an allergy shot every day, she has not only fully recovered but now is more robust than ever. Bee lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and continues to research natural health and nutrition. She is available for advice via email.
In part 2 of this discussion Bee offers her proven methods to ridding the body of unwanted Candida spore.

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Bee Wilder has a wealth of knowledge and experience both as a former sufferer of candida and convenor of the candida support group. Since the 1980s when Bee could eat only a few types of foods and was so sensitive to yeasts she had to adminster herself an allergy shot every day, she has not only fully recovered but now is more robust than ever. Bee lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and continues to research natural health and nutrition. You can find more articles and support at her website: Healing Naturally by Bee

COMMENTS - 134 Responses

  1. The best description of candidiasis I have ever encountered. Thanks, Bee.

  2. Fantastic information. Bee is an angel. Thankyou for sharing this info on Candida.

  3. I was wondering if you could help. I know I have candida and I have read a lot about getting rid of it and its overwhelming. I also read a lot that says you have to cleanse your colon and intestines for the best results; however, I have chronic and severe constipation and read about bentonite clay and psyllium (Would that help). I have done enemas and not much happens (Is that normal and should I keep doing them?)… I feel completely lost and overwhelmed. I know my candida is severe. My tongue is cracked, I have migraines every day, I have hives, stomach pain, weight gain, depression, etc… I feel like I will never get this under control. Any advice you can offer would be so helpful. Your site is the best I have seen and I appreciate that you offer this information to help people with candida. Thank you so much.

  4. Dear Brooke,
    Thank you for writing. Getting rid of candida is a step by step process, and it takes time and patience. You can successfully overcome it mainly by following the diet. The diet I recommend is different in many ways from those on other websites.

    I don’t recommend cleanses in the early stages of treating candida. The reason is that many cleanses can cause adverse reactions and cleanses are hard on a person whose nutrient absorption is blocked by candida. Brooke, would you please write to me directly at so I can give you specific help for your particular problems with candida? Also, I have a group at which I would love to have you join. We are a very friendly and helpful group, and our files are chock full of useful information on how to treat candida. I understand how candida treatment can be very overwhelming. We’d love to give you the help and support you need to get you through it. You can become well Brooke. I cured my candida after having it for over 25 years, and you can too.

    The best in health,

  5. Hi,

    My name is Anisa and I have been suffering from Candidities for years and i don’t know how to get rid of it. I’m so distrest about it i just want to cry all the time. It’s so bad and I’m bloated all the time and look preagnent even though i’m a really tiny person.

    I don’t know what to do pleae help


  6. Dear Anisa,
    You can overcome candida, especially with diet and other natural things which help the body heal.

    Please join my Candida Support Group and get a wealth of information on how to cure candida naturally.

    Luv, Bee

  7. Hi Bee,

    Thanks for the information. I was not aware that kamut and spelt were in the same family group. I have been tested to be gluten tolerant. It is confusing because of the allergy to wheat,corn and rye. Can I eat organic spelt, and kamut bread if it contains no yeast or sugar occassionaly?
    Also can you tell me if Candida can be transmitted through intimate contact with my husband if you do not have genital candida? We were concerned about the transferring of body fluids. I cannot seem to get a straight answer from anyone.
    To all of your other suffering readers. I had gained almost 16 pounds and as soon as I tightened up a good diet (lots of fish, vegetables, salads, chicken, turkey)I lost 14 of them in a matter of 7 weeks without really trying. I no longer cry and get angry all the time and feel like dying.
    Although the candida has spread to 7 major organs and we are on herbal tincture; probiotics, enzymes. anti-fungals etc. to clear up the infections. How long does it take to get rid of it and how do you know?
    Do you have suggestions for salad dressings?

    Sorry for the lengthy email; I have bene knee deep in this for months.

    Good luck to all…blessings,


  8. Hi Bee,
    I am loving this information…thanks! Help, my 28 food allergy tests came back being not allergic to peas, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, caulifower, spinach and squash. What can I eat for veggies?
    Are all squashes high in carbohydrates? Winter squash too? That has been a saving grace to have variety with the candida being so severe.

    Patty again…

  9. Dear Patty,
    Thank you for writing. About eating spelt or kamut, actually since writing the article published here I’ve discovered you must not eat any grains of any kind, and when you do they must be properly prepared by soaking, sour leavening or sprouting. Grains act just like sugar in the body and they are also very damaging to your intestines. I’ve written an updated article which is available on my Candida Support Group at:
    which will help you understand.

    I believe candida is not transmittable from person to person because it is caused by a depressed immune system within each person. However, because diets, toxins, the use of medical drugs (antibiotics), and other causes of candida overgrowth, are usually the same in families candida overgrowth also runs in families. Even if your husband does not have candida he can get burning sensations from contact with your yeast overgrowth - it does not mean he will catch it.

    According to Hering’s Law of Cures natural healing takes one month for every year you’ve been ill. It will take longer if you do not adher to a very strict diet, or experience severe stresses. For example, I had vaginal yeast for 25 years, so it took me over 2 1/2 years to completely get rid of it. After you’ve cured your candida you should still stay on a healthy diet, giving your body what it needs to keep you healthy.

    There are many recipes for salad dressings and other foods in the files on my Candida Support Group at:

    About allergies to foods - they are not “true” allergies, but instead are sensitivities. Many “good” foods cause healing reactions by the body which are mistaken for allergies. Allergy tests are not accurate as well, and I think differently about allergies than medical people do. I believe in the body’s marvelous healing powers if you give it what it needs! Please do join my group to get a wealth of information and for lots of helpful friendly support. There are almost 700 members right now.

    The best in health,

  10. How to join Bee’s group for Candida?

    If Moderator can add my email ID to yr forum, that is also OK.

  11. Dear Gesi,
    My Candida Support Group is at:

    Hugs, Bee

  12. Hi I am Robert from Sydney. I have got Candida (oral trash, dry mouth, burning mouth) since a year after repetitive antibiotics treatments. I just want to ask if you also help for this kind of Candida. Do you have people having the same problems.


  13. Dear Robert,
    Yes, the candida diet and the rest of the program to overcome candida helps people with thrush. In fact most people who have candida have thrush. You can only cure it by doing the entire candida program, including the diet, which is the most important aspect of getting well again.

    Please do go to my Group and join. There is a hugh libary of information in the Files, Folders and Links as well.

    The best in health,

  14. 15. Bee Wilder
    Oct 2nd, 2005 at 7:42 pm

    Bee’s Candida Support Group:

  15. Hi, Bee

    I have a 5 year old daughter who only has eczema and asthma when it is winter time. Can you help explaining to me why this happens??? Thank you very much.

  16. Hi Bee,
    How do i find a Doctor in NSW, Australia who has knowledge on diagnosing and treating Systemic Candida? I have hit many brick walls with local GP’s who tell me that people with AIDs only suffer from Systemic Candida. I am sure I have it, especially after my history with suffering from Glandular Fever, Post Viral Syndrome/Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Tonsilitis to the point i was on Anti-biotics for about 2 years, almost fulltime, and consumption of the contraceptive pill. There are also many other symptoms that are too long to list, however after doing some research, i am aware that i may have Systemic Candida, and now have the fight of my doctor treating it with conventional drugs. Where can I get some information on the right treatments. I heard a six day course of Diflucan works?

    Hope you can help me,

  17. Please help me! I’ve had Candida ever since I was 12. I’m 19 now & have been on the Candida diet for 2 years now. Although I’ve stopped feeling so nauseus most of the time I still have all the other symptoms I had before- constant stomach ache, bloating, flatulence, headaches, blurred vision, depression & a fogged up brain. I’ve tried Garlic capsules, Grape Fruit Seed Extract, probiotics, Flax Seed Oil & none have helped. I feel I need to take some kind of anti-fungal like Nystatin or that Threelac product but I’ve heard that Candida comes back after taking it. PLease can you help me. I just want to be able to live & enjoy my life like my friends. Candida stops me from doing anything I really want to do. Thanks so much. Louise

  18. Dear Kate,
    More than likely the diet you have been on for two years has not been strict enough for you. My diet is not like any others for candida because it gives the body what it needs to heal and overcome candida. Please re-check your diet carefully to ensure you are eating the correct foods, i.e. high proteins/meats/eggs & high in good saturated fats such as butter, coconut oil, lard, etc. with very low carbs (any foods that are not protein or fats). Coconut oil is very important - be sure to get one that is not deoderized, is unrefined, not hydrogenated or bleached, etc. Garden of Life and Tropical Traditions are very good.

    Raw crushed garlic is one of the best antifungals there is. It has been reported that it is even better than powdered nystatin, however nystatin can be handier to take.

    I have a Candida Support Group at:

    There are numerous files, folders and links there with handy diet lists, etc. I suggest you might join and get more information and help.

    The best in health,

  19. 20. angela williams
    May 24th, 2006 at 8:59 am

    i am searching for the dr cilento cure for glandular fever - has anyone heard of it?

  20. HiBea! I have candida for 41 years now and I tried EVERYTHING and finally I think it was a matter of finding the right probiotic and taking raw garlic. My problem is trying to break up the yeast colonies that I never realized I had and eliminate them permanently. I eat a stellar diet and if I keep myself limited to 2 pieces of fruit and moderate carbs, I’m fine. If I go above the fruit limit, I’m in trouble. I feel that if I could eliminate the colonies permanently, I’d be 100%. I went through everything and have built up a great resistance, but those little aches and pains are still in my joints and it’s frustrating after all these years. I know (after 3 weeks on garlic) that my digestion is improving, but I have to get the

  21. 22. Bee Wilder
    Sep 4th, 2006 at 8:42 am

    Hi Sandra,
    The most important aspect of curing candida is the diet, which is high in proteins and good saturated fats, plus low carbs. Antifungals and probiotics aren’t going to help much unless you build up your immune system with nutritious nature-made foods meant for humans, not processed foods, sugars, grains, man-made oils & fats, soy, etc. Animal meats, eggs and seafoods are particularly important are for anyone’s health because only they can provide oil soluble nutrients not found in the plant kingdom, along with important saturated fats. If you give the body what it needs it will heal the body! “Food is medicine!”

    There is so much more to know about foods, and foods that damage health, along with good antifungals and probiotics in articles posted on my group at:

    I’ve come a long ways in my research and discoveries since writing the article on this site, so please join us and enjoy!

    The best in health, Bee

  22. Hi Bee,

    It is hard to tell whether or not I have oral thrush. I appear to have some symptoms, especially the white coated tongue. My physican tells me that they do not have a specific test to check for this, but had given me diflucan to try and clear it up. I did take it, reluctantly, but found that I should be using natural things such as acidopholus, flax seed and garlic. How do you know for sure if the problem you are having is candida? How long does it take to clear up after taking diflucan and following the diet. I do not appear to have any other symptoms other than the coating on my tongue. Thanks. Linda

  23. 24. Bee Wilder
    Sep 30th, 2006 at 3:02 pm

    Dear Linda,
    It is evident that you have oral thrush which causes a white coating on the tongue, which points to you having candida overgrowth, which is mostly in the intestines. Thrush can only be cured if you cure candida there, although you can do direct treatments to help ease the discomfort. In order to cure candida you need to do the entire candida program, including diet, supplements, antifungals and probiotics. I do not recommend flax; instead take cod liver oil (contains omega 3, vitamins A & D) in the Winter, and fish oils plus vitamin A in the summer when you get enough vitamin D from the sun. The body has to convert the fatty acids in flax which most candida sufferers are not able to do, but no conversion is required when you take cod liver oil or fish oil.

    It is important to start on the candida diet first, along with supplements, to build up your immune system and to kill off a lot of candida before starting on antifungals or acidophilus. My article on my Candida Support Group explains when you can start on antifungals or probiotics (acidophilus).

    I do not recommend diflucan because it is extremely hard on the liver so that’s good you stopped taking it. Natural antifungals are much more effective and do not cause damage.

    Please join my group at:
    so you can read the many articles on it, and also get help and support. I have learned a lot since writing the article on this site; my new article will be sent to you when you join my group.

    The best in health, Bee

  24. Hi,
    I have suffered from thrush on and off over the past 15 years and have just been diagnosed with coeliac disease. I have struggled with my feretin levels since having my second child (Josh is nearly 4) and have felt pretty yuk for three years! I was on Tetrex for my skin (rosacea)for 9 months (stopped 6months ago) which probably tipped me over the edge. I have been on the gluten free diet for approx 2 months now and my energy levels are much better but I can’t kick thrush!!! My hay fever is at its worst also. I understand that my intestine can take upto 18-24 months to repair so maybe I am not being patient enough? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Linda V :-)

  25. Linda,
    Avoiding grains is a wise thing to do. I also suggest you try daily bone broth. It takes some lifestyle changes to buy chicken carcasses or to remember to keep all your bones in the freezer and cook a broth once a week, but it certainly is worth it. I have seen some miraculous healings with bone broth. Coconut oil and butter also helps heal the mucus membrane of the intestinal tract. All meat should be cooked for a long time preferably in soup with added bone broth and never bar b qued. Raw meat is good in small doses.
    Nourished is about nourishing the body back to health. We do not recommend any forced cleansing of the bowel. It makes sense to clean a pipe in a machine, but our bodies are not machines.
    It does tend to take about 1 month for every year you have been un well to recover. This only applies if you have found the right healing path and lifestyle for your body of course. Keep your vision of a strong healthy body in your mind and expect it to come to you.

  26. hi
    i get acidic taste in my mouth and bloating and fluctuance also do i have candida..p.s i just got over thrush..just drank losts of cranberry uice

  27. I have been suffering from candida I think for about six years. I knew something was terribly wrong and visited a ton of doctors that left me confused and angry. I diagnosed myself through the internet and then found a doctor/homeopath that put me on a treatment. There is a lot of information that is overwhelming. My doctor says that most people that have candida also have parasites along with heliobacter pyroli. These problems have to be eliminated before one can kick candida in the butt forever. What is your take on this. Like I said its overwhelming. I have been on this candida diet for six months now, along with taking anitfungals and all the possible supplements that are recommended. I have improved with my moods, depression. Headaches also have gone, but my vision is still blurry with those floaters present and my muscles still keep twitching.

  28. I have just been subscribed some homeopathic medicines like Exmykehl and VER drops. The Exmykehl contains candida albicans, candida parapsilosis, and penicillium roquefortii (all 7x) whatever that means? The VER drops, for parasitic cleanse, are ethanol based. I’m not overly comfortable taking this stuff.
    Is there another parasitic cleanse other than VER drops that doesn’t contain ethanol?
    PS I am sticking to the diet and riding myself of the candida, but have noticed a slide since starting the homeopathic medicine.

  29. Dorothy

    Try Raw Liver. Your symptoms suggest you need to nourish your liver more. Here’s how you can best include raw liver in your diet.


    You can get homeopathic drops as sugar pills. In both cases, the amount of alcohol or sugar is neglible, they shouldn’t affect your healing. You will notice a slide in your healing when taking homeopathic medicine. There is a phenomenon called a ‘healing crisis’ which homeopathic treatment induces. Your symptoms will occur in reverse order from without to within your physical body as you heal. This is nothing to worry about.


  30. Hello, and thanks for posting this site. It seems more on track tan many others with their contradictory remedies. I did not know that I had Candida for about 5-6 years. Sticking to the Candida diet definitely helped me, but the change was very small for me. I started to use ThreeLAc and noticed great progress, so much progress that I though that I had beaten it all together. Unfortunately for me it is still lingering, especially in the urinary tract, and to be more direct my right testicle! I also have a slight rash on my neck which is relatively new.
    I have a few questions.
    1. What is your opinion of Threelac? It did wonders for me, but fell short of squashing it.
    2. What other advice can you give me to fight this issue in my urinary tract?
    One thing I can say is well that a good multi-vitamin and excercise also helped me immensely.
    Thank you for yopour time and good luck to the rest of you.

  31. 32. Bee Wilder
    Dec 1st, 2006 at 10:57 am

    Hi Jon,
    I do not recommend ThreeLac, for many good reasons:
    ThreeLac is Not Recommended

    ThreeLac is a probiotic that has become popular because it is very highly marketed, but there are good reasons it is not recommended:

    1. The company claims you can take it without doing the diet, which is totally false and misleading. This promises a “quick fix” just like the medicos and drug companies do, which has been the biggest cause of candida in the first place. It also gives people totally false hopes. For that reason alone it is not recommend it, but there are other reasons.

    2. It is expensive, probably because it is very highly marketed.

    3. It is processed and contains several ingredients, making it complex, so a person cannot know what they are reacting to if they experience adverse affects from it.
    4. One very questionable ingredient is refined yeast powder.

    There are other probiotics that are much safer, less expensive and more effective, particularly cabbage rejuvelac (homemade) and plain acidophilus capsules not based on dairy–see the exact description in the main article “How to Successfully Overcome Candida” located on my group’s website at:

    As to your 2nd question, candida has particularly concentrated on attacking your urinary tract and genitals, but you will not be able to cure it without curing candida overgrowing throughout your body, and more specifically in your intestines. You need to take the holistic approach (treating your body as a whole) by cutting out damaging foods and foods that feed candida, and by building up your immune system with nutrients it requires. “If you give your body what it needs it will do a very good job of healing.” That’s what the body is all about, but it’s back to nature with foods your body requires. Please join my Candida Support Group above to get a lot more information. I have re-written and expanded on the article located on this website. It is sent to you when you join.

    You can also treat your urinary tract directly, to help make yourself more comfortable while you are building up your immune system - there is a very good article on my group, but it is located in the Women’s Health Issues Folder on my group because this problem is more common to women. Also you can write questions to me, or my moderators on my group after you’ve read the main article.

    That’s good a multi-vitamin and exercise has helped you; you will find out supplements that are very important for health in my article, and that multis are not the best way to go. The reason is because there is no way a manufacturer can cram that many nutrients into one pill and still maintain quality, balance and quantities required.

    I wish you the very best Jon.

    Cheers, Bee

  32. BEE is THe TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I just would like to commend you on your selfless efforts to heal people. I have suffered form this condition for years now, and sifted through so much contradictory information. Through this boundless effort to find a cure and personal experience, I can see right away that your approach is the most accurate I have ever come across. I love what you have done and I hope you are approprietly rewarded for your efforts.
    It upsets me how much garbage we are exposed to line someones pocket, no matter how false,or how damaging it might be. Such a shame. To me this also is another telling sign of how backwards society is in general. I guess we humans as a whole have no respect for life on this planet and there is no end to this neglect in sight.
    I KNOW I will beat this with the help of your info, may you be blessed!!!

  33. hi to all , i have been on a candida diet for the last year avoiding all candida inspiring foods,to which i have found not only good for the ease of candida but for the mind. a short time ago i got onto (virgin)organic cold pressed coconut oil and have had huge progress, more so than anything els. all candida causing problems have gone,dermatits cleared up in just 4 days, no more floaters,i still follow the candidia diet but i find introducing coconut oil has taken recovery to a new level. i take 4 tablespoons per day between meals and have experienced no ill side effects. would suggest to anyone who wants to try this to start off slow maybe 2 tablespoons per day. half an hour after having it take acidophilus & bifidus to replace the free space left from the dead candida and keep up with all immune boosting foods. hope this may help any other suffers of the cost of virgin coconut oil is approx $18.00au very easy on the pocket !!!!if you happen to get loose motions dont panic its a good thing it will subside within a short time.

  34. My daughter who is 9 months has a skin infection diagnosed as candid. She was prescribed nystatin which I have been applying 4 times a day to the affected areas - back of knee, belly button, neck and nipple. Although the nipple seems to have improved slightly the rest continues to look quite nasty. I have been applying the cream for amonth. How long should I continue to do this before going back to see the doctor? Thanks anxious U.K. mum.

  35. B.
    Have you heard of Natures Sunshine Products? If you have what do you think about their candida products?
    I am so sick of being sick with candida and you were GOD sent to me thanks. I have not started anything yet but now I have an idea where to start. I joined NSP hoping to cure this problem… is my site, if you have time can you ckeck out the candida herbs…TY B.

  36. Can candida result in bad body odor. I suffer from bad body odor and is increases if i consume candida friendly foods.

  37. Thank you for so much info, I will try the recommended dos and donts…hopefully this time my thrush symptoms will go away:):)

  38. Hi Lucy,
    About your baby. The skin infection is only the surface manifestation that candida is throughout your baby’s body, mainly in the intestines. The reason is because the body externalizes healing and sickness to the skin to protect vital inner organs. It cannot be treated with an antifungal like nystatin alone. It requires a holistic approach where you ensure your baby obtains the nutrients required to build up the immune system, and by giving probiotics to implant good bacteria - babies love cabbage rejuvelac - it is posted on this site.

    If you are breastfeeding your diet should be the best it can, with low carbs and no sugars, and plenty of good fats so your baby is getting the best milk you are able to produce. You may also need to give supplements to your baby like high vitamin cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.

    I invite you to join my group to learn a lot more: - there are over 600 articles in the Files. Also please check out the information about babies at:

    The best to you and your wee one, Bee

  39. Dear Beatrice,
    I am not familiar with your products and I do not have the time to check them out. I am setting up my own website at the moment. I invite you to join my Candida Support Group at:
    where you will get a lot of help and articles (there are over 600, as well as about 200 recipes).

    The best in health, Bee

  40. guys its not just candida its a host of imbalances in your gut. get tested by bioscreens pathogy and they will find exactly what the imbalance is and how to fix it through a legitamate doctor. ask them for a list of doctors in your area who work with them.

  41. DEAR BEE,

  42. Hi Mark,
    Yes candida can definitely cause body odors. That is because it candida puts out over 79 toxins which the body is trying hard to get rid of. One the ways the body gets rid of toxins is through the skin, which can result in putrid odors, some may even smell like feces. Candida also causes an imbalance of micro-organisms in the intestines and it interferes with digestion which also contributes to bad odors. I have a Candida Support Group and many people have had problems with body odors.

    The only way to treat it is to follow the entire candida program I recommend, starting with diet and supplements. I invite you to join my Candida Support Group at: You will receive the most recent version of my article when you join and have access to many other articles in the Group’s Files. Also the people on my group, and my moderators are very helpful and supportive.

    I look forward to seeing you on my group Mark!

    The best in health, Bee

  43. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for writing to me. You can get candida after only one bout of antibiotics because they wipe out the good bacteria in the mucus membranes, including vagina, intestines, stomach, etc. Also all medical drugs are toxic to the body so they depress the immune system. When the immune system is depressed candida can start to overgrow.

    Since writing the article on this site I have continued to study and I’ve learned that candida sufferers should not have grains of any kind even non-gluten grains. Often candida sufferers crave sweets as well as other high carbohydrate foods such as grains. The only way to overcome such cravings is to eliminate all sugars and high carb foods, including grains. Sorry Maria there is no substitute for bread.

    I invite you to join my Candida Support Group at:
    You will receive my latest article “How to Successfully Overcome Candida” when you join, and you’ll also have access to our Files where you will find treatments for vaginal candida (see the Women’s Health Issues Folder). As you already know you can only cure vaginal yeast by following the entire program, with diet and supplements being most important. My article has a more thorough list of supplements to take as well, or see our Candida Supplements Folder on my group.

    The best in health, Bee

  44. Hi Monica,
    If you follow my candida program, mainly the diet and taking the supplements, you will be able to cure your thrush. The diet and supplements provide all that is needed to build up your immune system, which is the most important aspect of getting well. In fact this diet plus supplements are essentially a “healing program” which will help anyone no matter what kind of health problems they have.

    I invite you to join my Candida Support Group to get more information and support:

    The best in health, Bee

  45. My mother has been suffering from extruicating pain in her lower back. It first began as a small area of burning at her rectum. Her doctor gave her suppositories and cream with hydrocortisone in them. Within days she developed a large rash outside of her body that she was able to cure with Desitin however the burning just inside continued. The another doctor gave her Nystatin and it has been helping. A doctor in the emergency room (she went there for pain) was the first doctor to state she has a yeast infection. She is very, very slowly seeing improvement but still has lots of pain in her back and some rectal burning. She has lost a lot of weight in the past 2 months. We are very worried and are continually trying to find ways to help her and find new doctors to see. Could a yeast infection be causing such back pain or should the doctors be looking at something else? I truly appreciate any help!

  46. Hi Kris,
    Thank you for writing about your mother’s problems. I believe yeast/candida overgrowth can cause pain and breakdown in any area of the body, including the back. I knew a woman 20 years ago that had brain lesions diagnosed by the doctors who wanted to operate on her. Instead she found out about candida and she did the complete program (diet, supplements, antifungals & probiotics). Two years later she was re-tested and there were no brain lesions. Amazing isn’t it?

    Your mother’s condition worsened because of the drugs the doctor gave her to treat the burning near her rectum. All drugs are very toxic to the body which the body has to minimize or get rid of in some, and they add to the existing problem. One of the best ways the body has of getting rid of toxins is through the skin (the largest opening the body has), so the toxins were coming out through her skin in the form of rashes. The body also externalizes healing to the skin to protect vital inner organs, particularly when dealing with toxins like drugs.

    The drugs also increase the yeast activity already existent in your mother, which was most evident by the burning near her rectum, and that’s why nystatin helped relieved her symptoms. Nystatin is a very different kind of drug because does get distributed throughout the body like other drugs, and it kills yeast on contact, which mostly exists in the intestines.

    I definitely believe your mother has yeast/candida overgrowth and the diet, supplements and the rest of the program I recommend would address it. But natural healing does take time, patience and persistence on the program. I have since revised the program written in the article on this website, and I have Candida Support Group and now a new Website. I invite you and your mother to join my Support Group, and also visit my new website which has over 700 articles posted with an easy to use site search.

    My Candida Support Group:

    My Website, which was just launched New Year’s Day:

    I believe anyone with any physical ailment, pain, disease, etc. will be helped a great deal with my program because it is all natural and the way nature intended.

    The best in health, Bee

  47. Hello Bee,

    I believe I am also a sufferer of candida overgrowth. I will not get too deep into my symptoms, but I recently got oral through two months ago for the first time in my life. I am 20 year old male. I have been in great health besides this. I have been tested for all things known to cause oral thrush, and have all come back negative (HIV, Diabetes, etc etc…)

    The fatigue, mind fog, eye floaters, bowel issues, stomach pain etc have all come with it, and it is terrible. I do not see how one can randomly get this while others never do no matter what. Is there a reason some are more susceptible to this overgrowth?

    I am also going back to my doctor about the oral thrush (she does not know why it keeps coming back, and is doing more diabetes tests even though I’ve done a lot of them) and will bring this up to her.

    Anyways, to the moment that I believed may have started this, a long time ago… I was also wondering if you could confirm if something I did almost 4 years ago could cause my potential (99 percent sure it is what I have) candida overgrowth.

    I have/had acne, and approximately 4 years ago was put on antibiotic pills to get rid of the acne. I was on them for a long period of time, maybe even 3 months (hard to remember, but it was around there.) The acne eventually started to come back, so I went off the antibiotics.

    About a year later I got a sever case or hives, lasted 3-4 weeks, and never came back. Doctor said it was due to the cold I may have had at that time. Since then only get hives one other time for a day a year ago, and then small patches here and there that dont last long at all.

    My question is, could my long course of antibiotics FOUR years ago initiated my candida overgrowth, and that it took a long time for the candida to overgrow, and now finally has overtaken my body? Or does it act way faster than that? That is all I can think started it all. I have also recently had stomack bloating after eating, I feel terrible, and I cannot believe I have this when I see others eat way more worse etc with no issues, I don’t get it.

    Sorry for this being so darn long, I’ve just been so frustrated and you seem to be the only one with any knowledge on this topic! Thank you for your time!

  48. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for writing to me. I certainly understand your frustration with this yeast beast. However, one does not get candida randomly because over 70% of the population have candida, but they just don’t know it, yet! Most people nowadays have had candida since before they were born! The body is so amazing that it doesn’t actually start causing serious problems until much later.

    You are most fortunate to find out what is causing your health problems, while others are waking up with cancer and don’t know why. (By the way there is a connection between candida and cancer; see these articles on my website:

    Medical tests are inconclusive for candida for a number of reasons and also most doctors do not agree that candida even exists. The best test is Dr. Crook’s Candida Questionnaire:

    Your symptoms are very typical of candida, i.e. mouth thrush, fatigue, mind fog, eye floaters, bowel issues, stomach pain, acne, etc. which you will overcome on this program.

    The antibiotics you took 4 years ago for acne were most likely broad spectrum, which definitely wipes out all of the good micro-organisms in the digestive tract. That is a critical point for sure. When the good micro-organisms in the gut are wiped out candida starts changing into a monster. It grows long feet and large colonies. Its colonies put out over 79 different kinds of toxins, most of which are alcohol - that explains the mind fog eh? It’s weird but candida is a normal inhabitant of the mucus membranes and it is only intended by nature to change and start overgrowing when the body dies; in order to break the body down.

    Your bloating is caused by candida because some of its toxins are carbon dioxide (gas). You can have candida in any mucus membrane, including the stomach, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, esophagus, intestines, etc., etc. It greatly interferes with digestion, and I believe that acid reflux people have is actually candida overgrowth. Candida overgrowth interferes with the production of stomach acid so stomach acid is too low. Low stomach acid causes exactly the same symptoms as high stomach acid. Too bad people are getting the wrong treatment by doctors.

    Chris, I invite you to join my Candida Support Group at: for support and to get questions answered by me, with the help of my 7 moderators.

    I encourage you to read and learn as much as you can on my website: where there is an entire section devoted to candida:

    My complete candida article is there too, which is very extensive compared to the one posted in this magazine. There are also many recipes on my website and success stories by members of my group.

    You can beat this Chris, and you will learn enough to maintain your health throughout your life. One of our members, Derek, just announced that he is making my diet “a way of life!” Hang in there.

    The best in health,

  49. Hey Bee,
    I have been diagonised with Candida which is out of control, same as the rest of the guys on site. I was wondering have u any information on why the effects can spread to your bum and also why it effects memory as im a student and get very fogged up. thankyou. sorry for the bluntness.

  50. Hi Donna,
    Candida overgrowth occurs in the rectum, which has mucus membranes just like the intestines and other parts of the body. Candida overgrowth can occur in any mucus membrane within the body, but most of it is overgrowing in the intestines from mouth to rectum, including the throat, esophagus and stomach.


  51. Hi Bee,
    I am 28 and have been suffering from thrush for about 8 years, topical treatments no longer give me any relief and I have tried different candida diets (none quite like yours) with little success. I have just been referred to a Gynaecologist who has prescribed 6 months on the antifungal Nizoral which I have read can be quite toxic on the liver do you know much about it should I still take it? Also, I have always had lots of soy milk and eaten soy products should I cut them out completely would it have made my candida worse? Hope you can help me.
    About to joing your support group now and start your diet!!
    Thanks for you time, Sophie

  52. Hi Sophie,
    You have a rough time with the thrush for sure. I believe the reason other candida diets didn’t help you is because they allow foods that feed candida and they do not contain the high good saturated fats that my diet does, along with many other differences. I can assure you that there is no other candida diet like mine and it gets results while others fail. My diet plus supplements provides all your body needs to heal and build up its immune system. The key to overcoming candida is building up your immune system because that is what will keep candida overgrowth “in check” the way nature intends it to be.

    Nizoral is very hard on the liver and any doctor who perscribes it should have done liver function tests first to ensure you can handle it and tests must be done every month. Natural antifungals I recommend are much more effective and they are not toxic like drugs, i.e. coconut oil, Pau D’arco tea, raw crushed garlic, oil of oregano and clove oil.

    You should not consume soy or soybean based products of any kind. They are very damaging. It is very possible it made your candida worse. I look forward to seeing you at my Candida Support Group. :)

    The best in health, Bee

  53. Bee,

    This is the best candiasis information i have come across. This is really great stuff and in depth. Thank you for your diligence with an absolutely information packed article. We just touch on the subject of vaginal pH and bacterial levels ( candida ) in relation to cultivating friendly bacteria and treating vaginal odours naturally. You really did a great job.

  54. Hi Bee,
    Thanks for some great information, it all makes sense although I have one question that I can’t get my head around and would love to get your thinking on the matter. You say that you must reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein and saturated fats to starve Candida and improve your immune system. This type of diet seems to be highly acidic. If this is the case wouldn’t a high acid diet create an acidic environment in the body and work against the healing process? What are your thoughts on the acid/alkaline diet and maintaining a slightly alkaline body pH? How does it fit into your overall health philosophy?

    Thanks in advance

  55. i don’t know if i have candida, the month i turned 15 i started getting sick for unknown reasons. for the past 5 years i have been suffering from many infections. my doctors don’t know what are causing them. i would get vaginal infection one month and then urine infection, and nail infection, and now i have tonsil infection. since high school i been depressed cos i feel so helpless. i lost many friends becuase i suffer from body odor, i felt so humiliated in shcool. i went to school probably twice a week. my gastreo diagnosed me with crohn’s diseases, i went to another gastreo and he said my intestins look normal. i have been gaining a lot of weight even though i don’t eat much and my body odor is getting worse every week. i decided not to go to college cos it will be a waste of my money. i can’t focus and i always think abt killing myself. candida has ruin my teenage life. i want my life back, but don’t know how. i have prayed to God almost everyday to help me overcome this nasty infections, and my body odor which my doctors think i’m just thinking abt it too much, but unfortunately society is harsh and living with body odor everyday has made feel so worthless to the point where i don’t want to live anymore. i feel like God has answered my prayers finding this site. i have actually diagnosed myself. now i know its candida thats causing me all this problems. i have suffered a lot mostly psychologically but i’m still alive and want to beat this. PLEASE HELP ME.

  56. The Goddess of nourishment has answered your call.

    I know it may seem very overwhelming but following Bee’s protocol one step at a time is worth it. All you need to know to begin with is in her three articles. She will probably answer your comment soon also and invite you to join her chat group. It’s worth it to receive support from those who have come before you. Do you have your parents support?

    I had severe Candida as a young mother and it really is debilitating and very lonely. It took me years to really come to grips with how unwell I actually was. I kept thinking I could eat gluten grains again or coffee, only to descend back into Candida hell. I’m just now (after 10 years of experimenting) finally working out what I need to do to keep well. I haven’t had Candida symptoms for 4 years but neither have I eaten sugar or gluten grains. (Just getting back into gluten now - about once a week is all I can take). It’s really worth it to be part of a community who can support you and who you can support when you have healed your condition. The Nourished Magazine community would probably appreciate reading about your journey back to wellness. Think about sharing it with a blog. I think it would be very inspiring and you’d learn alot.

  57. It has just occurred to me that many of my symptoms may well be candida. I am 57 wanting to be spritely but I find my body and tiredness are letting me down. I have had antibiotics periodically throughout my life for this an that infection. I have had Nilstat before and that has helped a great deal, I do not always remember to get the doctor to prescribe me with it. I used to suffer from vaginal thrush but not any more, I think it is more oral. I have suffered from reflux for over a year now and Nexium relieves it but about 10 weeks ago I felt wheezing in my upper respiratory tract and I was prescribed another reflux medication which I took regularly for 6 weeks but on stopping felt awful so stopped it and have gone back to Nexium which I take about 3 times a week I hate the idea of being dependent on medication. Anyway, I gave up gluten a few months ago, though occasionally I am in a situation I cannot but eat some and just put up with bloating and discomfort. If I am to drink wine it has to be preservative free or my brain is a complete fog after less than two glasses, gin and tonic suit me better (I am only an occasional drinker 1-2 per week). Lately the joints in my feet are giving me trouble with bouts of tinea. Last year I put on weight on my stomach area for the first time in my life, I know it was too much chocolate as I was writing up my thesis but I do not seem to be able to shed it. I have not been on a proper diet as I am afraid of the increased weight after the shedding that can follow, also I do like food. My sweet tooth lets me down. I know sugar is my worst enemy but I somehow cannot bring myself to give it up. Is candida also connected with high cholesterol. I do not know if I have high cholesterol I did have a DVT two years ago followed by vein stripping in my right leg and now wear restricting socks and take Cartia regularly. I am noticing that whilst I am building up my career I am full of enthusiasm but afraid that my body will not keep up with my ambition. I am a very determined and stubborn person and am trying to get my mind to overcome my desire to just sit and read books and sleep all the time so I can keep making the many creative ideas that flood my thinking.
    I know this has been a bit bitty, but I am wondering if there is a link with candida and if that includes the reflux, joint pain, wheat intollerance, wine intollerance, fizzy feeling in my muscles and sinus clogging, and visit the chiropractor every 2 weeks as my lower back is troubling me, worse in the last 2 months for some reason. I also seem to have fluid retention which at about 50 affected my arms as well as my legs. I have always suffered from swelling legs even as a young person.
    I know diet is the answer and I have tried the type O blood diet which increases my meat intake but I think I have put on more weight. I am now 82kgs where I really need to be about 67 ks, I was 55 kgs in my 20s, and nice and slim before babies.
    It seems that my concerns need to be seen holistically but I don’t really know where to start, I feel a bit lost.
    Thank you for reading this, If there is a candida link as the gereral malaise I would love to know your opinion.

  58. 59. Bee Wilder
    Jul 23rd, 2007 at 2:20 pm

    Hi there,
    Yes, all of your symptoms are related to candida overgrowth, which in turn is caused by a depressed immune system and an imbalance of good to bad bacteria in the digestive system (mainly caused by antibiotics). The only way to turn candida around is by building up your immune system with diet and supplements, and by cutting of candida’s food supply (mostly sugars and high-carbs), by detoxifying effectively, and by increasing ozygen levels.

    I’m sorry but I’m short on time because I work full-time, so in the meantime I invite you to join my Candida Support Group so you can get more information, and my program, along with help and support - it is: Please read my article “How to Successfully Overcome Candida” thoroughly, and in my group’s files there are over 600 articles and recipes to help you as well.

    The best in health, Bee

  59. Hi Bee,
    I’ve been having episodes of severe prickling/itching on my skin (mostly my back) for the past few months, about twice a day. The episodes only last for about 2-3 minutes each but each is quite painful, but there is nothing visible on the skin to suggest anything is wrong. I also have slight bleeding in the gums. After seeing multiple GPs, my blood tests have all come back normal and everything seems to be fine; no investigation reveals anything wrong. Antihistamines and moisturisers have no effect.
    Could these symptoms be linked to a candida overgrowth?
    Thanks so much for this informative site.

  60. 11 sept 07

    Does anyonee know if Splenda(sucralose) is safe as a sweetner for a candida sufferer? Thanks.

  61. Hi Bee,
    My story is that I got Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV, aka Glandular Fever) about 10 years ago. My immune system was severely depleted. I suffered fatigue and struggled with my studies as a uni student. I would go to the cafeteria and buy a can of Coke to try and boost my energy levels, and I did this very regularly because of the fatigue I was suffering.
    Never being a soft-drink drinker before this, I found this had a profound effect on my body, in my immune-depleted state. I developed an oral yeast infection, which has since become a full flown full-body candida infection. This has been going on for 10 years.
    My symptoms, from most prevalent to least:
    Burning mouth and throat (mild but annoying)
    White coating on tongue
    Bad breath
    Mild headaches
    Skin candida on back, chest and groin (an anti-fungal cream kills it, but it keeps coming back…esp in summer)
    Highly irritable and prone to mood swings
    Unrefreshing sleep
    Inability to concentrate
    Intolerance to alcohol
    Heart feels slightly ’strained’ from time to time.

    I’m a non-smoker, healthy in appearance and not overweight or underweight, and regular exerciser. I have an impeccable dental cleaning routine (brush and floss twice daily), but the candida has meant that I’ve still needed fillings these past few years. I only drink socially, and very infrequently.

    I don’t have a partner as I’d be too embarassed as my mouth tastes/smells/looks terrible, and not amount of tounge scrubbing, gargling with mouthwash, brushing and flossing seems to help. I need to kill the candida from within.

    I’ve noticed that things have improved a little when if i go on a mini-faminine where i don’t eat for a day and a half…just an experiment i’ve done. I felt that not feeding the yeasties helped, but starving is not a good solution!!

    I’m just about to go on a sugar-free and low-carb diet full of meats and greens. I’ve also ordered some Threelac, and hope that stuff does the trick. I’ll report back in a couple of months where it has saved me or not. At times my quality of life feels so low that I feel like I wouldn’t care if I was hit by a bus and killed as at least that’d get rid of my yeast problem… but am trying to be positive so dearly hope for success with this!!

  62. Hi im a male and have candida and im trying to get rid of it. Im currently taking threelac. is there more effective than using diflucan?

  63. 64. dr. wm. g. crawford iii dnd
    Sep 14th, 2007 at 5:49 am



    I HAVE NOT TAken the time to read all of the responses that were directed to this man, offerring him help, but I would like to respond to offer him my thoughts.

    First, systemic Candidiasis is a real entity. Left untreated a mycelial form of this invader really wrecks havoc upon the individual.

    You must avoid all wghite products. White potatoes, sugar, flour, rice, anything whit is not for you.

    I did not read about your marital status. If you are married and or are having intercourse with trhe same individual, you must both be treated. sexually active couples must be treated concomitantly, as they keep passing this yeast over and over through sexual contact.

    Mike, another item to consider is one of circumsision. Are you circumsized? Usually circumsized males have far less probvlems along this line of Casndidiasis. If you are uncircumsized, then make sure that you clean the foreskin iof the penis very well each day, thoroughly dry the penis and foreskin, and then apply calendula homeopathic ointment. I believe this is best to do twice daily. First thing each morning, and prior to bedtime.

    I have found through 20 years as a board certified naturopath, and 15 years of prior traditional health-care that one must break the oxygen bond found in the Candida albicans molecular structure. This may be accomplished through a formulae used in the u.s. for many years, but not so much these days, called desenex. I have a company that I deal with, that offers the undecilenic acid, found in the Desenex formulae that is taken orally. I have found this product to be effective many times over the past 20 years. If you contact me by email, I can give you ordering information. Undecelinic acid, breaks the oxygen bond found in the Candida organism, resulting in the yeast being able to reproduce.

    Another aspect to consider is the enzyme catalase. This enzyme ruptures the Candida membrane, allowing it to be killed. This enzyme is often not found in most enzyme preparations, but uis essential when dealing with candida.

    You should also drink 2 oz. of fresh coconut milk daily. This has shown to be very effective in erradicating Candida albicans yeast infections. Coconut milk should come from trhe white, refrigerated coconuts often available in health foods stores.

    I would also recommended a prescriptive homeopathic Candida formulae. This is from the Rx line only from King Bio, in the U.S. I would be happy in getting the prescription to you. This homeopathic Rx is watwer based, allowing you to take it orally three times daily, and after thoroughly cleaning the penis and drying it off, you then would spray the Rx direcyly to the openis, allow it to dry, wear cotton underwear, making sure the Rx stayed in place, etc.
    Avoid all alcvohol and sugar products. Even sweet veggies like sweet green peas, sweet corn, tomatoes, carots, contain sugar and should be eliminated until the problem clears.
    Please do not hesitate getting in touch with my office and associates at WNC INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, 1250 E. MAIN STREET, FRANKLIN, N.C. 29744, PHONE 1-828-524-5757, DRS. WM. CRAWFORD, AND DR. CHARLES T. LENTON, JR. M.D., IF WE COULD BE OF FURTHER ASSISTANCE.

  64. Hi Bee,
    I have been fascinated to read all of your comments. I didn’t even know that Candida existed until now. I have booked in to see a doctor next week due to some symptoms Ive been experiencing. But what Im confused about is how I might have got a Candida overgrowth as Ive never really taken antibiotics, had glandular fever etc… Can it be triggered by stress? And can it be genetic?….because I know that my dad has always suffered with fungal infections.
    For the past 8 years Ive had fungus in my big toenail which has spread to all of them now. During this time Ive also been getting a rash in the groin area which always becomes more aggressive during summer. Ive been putting Cannesten cream on it for years. Ive been to the doctor many times for blood tests, and always because of the same symptons….excessive tiredness, dizziness, loss of weight, sore throat and deterioating vision. Everything always comes back clear.
    I find that the symptoms are worse when Im stressed or run down. Last year I noticed that I felt a bit sick after eating and sometimes had constipation or diarrhea. Over the past month or so Ive had pain at the sides of my chest (next to the underarm) which I thought were strained muscles. And also a tightness in the chest when I breathe. Also, Ive been getting recurring mild sore throats and have noticed that my tongue has a white coating. So I am thinking that I do have a Candida overgrowth and its gradually been getting worse. What do you think? Also, is it possible that the fungus Ive had on my toes and groin has transmitted to my mouth? I suppose Im a bit confused as to why its taken so long to show up in my mouth area. Will await your reply and helpful advice.

  65. I have known about Candida and that I have it for quite sometime. But this website explained things I never understood and in such a brilliant way. I have a greater knowledge about my ailment and a better ability to cure it, thank you greatly.

  66. Hi Bee,

    Is there any link between body odour and Candida overgrowth, i’ve suffered for over 10 years with body odour that has practically destroyed my life. I really don’t know what’s causing it, is it safe to say it’s internal (i.e coming from inside my body) or because i’m a heavy sweater.


  67. Hi Bee,

    I am a mother of 4 children ages 8 to 22 mo. . I have moved 6 times in the past 9 years and know I will be moving in the spring. I think I might have a very severe candida problem and took a test at a local health store and came out in the 200 range. Sometimes I itch everywhere, but mostly in the crotch and anal areas. I have been to two convintional doctors and several natural Pathic docs. I have fasted, am currently on an elimination diet, am taking a yeast cleanse, vitamin C , probiotic, malic acid, melatonin (for insomnia), oil of oregano, benedryl, and 5 -htp. I have been on much of that for a month. I am still no better and sometimes worse. We earn a low income and I fear all the medication in the world will not help but think there has to be a way to get over this. PLEASE HELP… I need to be healthy and free able to enjoy my children and function without always itching. Do you have an inexpensive way to totally get rid of it?


  68. Hi Bee,
    Thanks you for all the wonderful info just by reading your responses.
    I’ve just found out I’m a Candida sufferer. Could you please let me know if it’s ok to eat rice?
    I’m pretty up to date on all the other no-no’s. I love rice noodles in soup and eat quite
    a lot of it. Is there a list of good and bad foods that I could get somewhere?


  69. dear Bee,
    I have just had a miscarriage and due to all the stress i have been under I now have oral thrush. So severe I can’t eat because it has infected my gums and I must say it is very painful. The doctor perscribed Nystatin. My question is with a case this severe how long does it take for some of the swelling to go down?

  70. Hi anyone and everyone - If anyone is from Michigan and thinks they may have Candida there is a dr. office in Clarkston that has a test called “electrodermal screening” and they can test to see if you have candida by basically performing an MRI through your fingertips and toes - then they can actually figure out what medicines will work best on destroying the candida. It’s a pretty amazing test and I recommend you getting it if you’re in the area. I had it done in Dec. was diagnosed and have been following the diet ever since… had some hard times through Christmas but things are going well… I feel a ton better and my hives (one of my symptoms) are finally subsiding. The office is called the downing clinc ( good luck!!!


  71. I was on a Candida diet for a bit while I was pregnant and came across this site, it is also a forum. It has information regarding Candida, and how to determine if you have it. The members provide tons of recipes and advice. I found it to be extremely supportive and helpful. Perhaps it will be for some of you!

  72. 73. David Johnson
    Mar 27th, 2008 at 5:09 am

    Anyone who is dealing with chronic candida infection should consider the possibility that they have chronic mercury or heavy metals poisoning. Since being diagnosed with metals poisoning, I have found that the others I have met with this condition has candida. And everyone I have known with candida who has looked into it has found that they have heavy metals poisoning. My doctor has said that when he sees candida, he looks for mercury, and vice versa. My dentist says that until you get rid of the mercury through chelation and filing removal, the candida will persist, and that when you are done chelating the candida will be gone too.

    I’ve been aggressively treating my candida for years, but I’ve seen no improvements from diet or anti-fungal medications. I did see dramatic, immediate improvement after having my mercury-based dental filings safely removed. “Safely removed” means my dentist gave me oxygen and used a dental dam and a vacuum.

    I have also seen exacerbations of my candida when I had filings removed without protection or just after a round of chelation, which causes mercury mobilization. I am fairly confident that damage to the immune system and to normal gut flora from chronic mercury poisoning is the cause of many or most cases of persistent candida overgrowth which cannot be cured through diet or medications.

    Good luck,


  73. To David Johnson: Thank you very much for this info on mercury and dental fillings. I just recently discovered candida, and I’ve been having it for years. I am following the diet religiously but overlooked the dental part- and I have lots of metal fillings. Thanks again, and thanks to Bee for sharing!

  74. Hey Bee,
    I developed severe acne 6 years ago and was treated with Accutane, the powerful acne drug. Before hand I had suffered with bronchitus and a sinus infection and was administered antibiotics for both. I don’t recall how long I was on them, but I do remember that I finished Accutane in 2003, and in early 2005 I started developing fatigue, which turned to hypoglycemia, then major anxiety, and now digestive issues. My big question you think this is a permanent effect from the Accutane, as it is a severe drug? Or could the accutane along with all the antibiotics have supressed my system so much to where I developed candida? Does Candida take a while to show up? Thank you for your time!!!!

  75. Hi Bee,

    Thank you for all your information, its truly a comforting source seeing the many other theories that are out there!

    I’m starting the Candida diet and cutting out sugar to start with, but I’m finding things I never thought would containing sugar, eg. yoghurt, finding the healthiest natural bacteria friendly one in the supermarket still means a few grams of sugar per 100g. My question is, is this something I’m still allowed to eat? Or does it have to be zero g’s completely to be acceptable? What are the parameters if this is ok?

    Thanking you Bee.

  76. 77. Troy Wilson
    Jun 18th, 2008 at 6:15 am

    If I follow everything else to the letter, how crucial is it that I eliminate raw carrots from my diet?

  77. Troy, just don’t start sucking down whole cups of carrot juice. A little bit of whole carrot should be ok I’d say but it is very sweet.

  78. Hi I am at my wits end, how do I start the Candida diet?? please help

  79. 80. Troy Wilson
    Jul 4th, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Thanks, Nourisher. It’s funny that, say, sweet red peppers seem to be allowed on a Candida Diet, because I find they taste sweeter than carrots do.

  80. Hi everyone,
    Could anyone tell me where I could find a doctor that acknowledges candida infections in the GI tract?
    Preferrably in the Newcastle region, but anywhere would be a good start.
    thanks heaps!

  81. Sarah Luck from Good Health Naturally is an excellent Nourishing Practitioner, well versed in Candida Lore and Nourishment.

  82. hi all,
    i am using organic cold pressed coconut oil. it is a solid block form.
    i read about taking it by the spoon. where does one get the more liquid coconut oil.
    my health food store said it was just a solid block.
    i am in brisbane.
    regards ingrid

  83. You could try an Asian or Indian grocers… I get my coconut oil and ghee from the Indian Supermarket in Southport. If you want the oil to be liquid, you just heat it up a little.

  84. Be careful of Kophra sold as coconut oil. It must be cold pressed. Kophra is extracted with solvents. yuck.

  85. Hello;
    I’m sorry, but I’m having a really difficult time agreeing to all of this. I don’t eat any meat except for fish, so I rely heavily on quinoa or organic brown rice mixed with beans for my protein. Which my naturopath says is just fine because both grains will not aggravate my candida, nor will organic whole grain oats for breakfast. His emphasis was on WHOLE grains. I don’t think I could survive if I had to remove them altogether nor do I feel it’s natural….I’m hungry constantly as it be on this restricted diet. He also claims that tomatoes and eggs cause inflamation which is distressing to a body that is trying to heal, especially right now as I am in phase 2; healing my “leaky gut”. I have been doing a candida cleanse for almost 2 months and it seems to be working great……with the exception of my attempt at substituting carob ( natural kind and added Stevia) in hot cocoa……I ached for days afterwards. Carob is, upon further research, is a sub-tropical member of the legume family and is made up of approx. 45% sugar…….although everyone I talk to says it’s fine on a Candida diet.
    I’m just trying to syphon thru all the information out there for what’s most accurate. Would like to hear your opinions on this.
    Thank You. :)

  86. Hi guys.
    This can all be a bit to take in, I have been suffering with these things most of my life and could never find out what was going on. I was born with oral thrush and suffered bad allergies to dust and pollen all my life. Over the last three years my symptoms of bloating, gas, depression, moods, sore stomach etc got worse and worse. In the end if I ate any sugar my nose would start dripping within 1 minute and wheat would bloat me and dairy would make my intestines feel like they were going to burst.
    Anyway I went for blood tests and all the other tests that you guys would know very well about. Some of my greatest relief from candida was Oil of oregano, oregano capsules, Pau D’Arco and a course of vitamins from a company called Metagenics for healing my bowel (I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes with this information). Just thought it might help someone. Still have to watch what I eat but the symptoms come back slowly if I start eating the wrong things. Just remember not to get to stressed about the whole journey to finding good health as stress will only make the symptoms and journey longer.

  87. Hi everyone,
    My major issue with candida is body odour. I’ve heard that before it gets better, the body odour gets worse when on the candida diet. Does anyone know if this is corret? And if so, then how far into the diet (eg. 21 days) does the body odour get worse and when does it start to dissapear?

    thanks heaps!

  88. THIS IS EXCELLANT! The best I’ve seen. Can anyone tell me how I can get in touch with David Johnson? I have a few questions about mercury toxicity. Thanks!

  89. 90. Rachel Rider
    Sep 26th, 2008 at 11:25 am

    Hi, I have had what doctors diagnosed as a yeast infection for years, medications have not worked, recently i had a bladder infection and the doctor prescribed a sulphur based medication that seemed to stop the vaginal excretions i had almost immediately. I had already known about candida but i read up more on it after that and all the symptons pointed to an overgrowth of yeast. I immediately stopped using sugar in my teas and stopped eating chocolate, the craving was ubelievable, immediately my face has cleared up and i no longer get these huge bumps on my back and chest, i am still learning about this its only a few weeks now. . . I will beat this thing… great information…

  90. Hello. What you said about xylitol being sugar and growing candida is untrue. Xylitol is the 1 and only sugar alcohol that safely kills yeast and harmful bacteria. As a sugar substitute, candida sufferers should be eating it as well as using stevia because it helps keep candida under control while helping to give you something safe for sweetening. Birch xylitol is the only kind to use, corn derived xylitol is not as good or pure and causes stomach upset while birch xylitol does not.

  91. Alot of xylitol packets state on the packet that xylitol is from birch or corn - but when you contact the manufacturer to clarify, most advise their product is made from corn (not birch).

    Lotus is a great brand that is made from birch.

    Please be careful when buying xylitol as most are made from corn - and Genetically Modified corn at that - in the factories in china.

  92. Dear Bee,
    I have suffered from allergies most of my life. Lately though, my whole body seems totally out of control. I began having migraines, unexplained hives, mood swings, food sensitivities, a lot of digestive system problems and suffer from mild depression. I have seen doctor after doctor and had test after test when all of this began. Nothing showed up. My allergy doctor put me on steroids and it helped for about a week, then back to normal. Somebody mentioned candida to me and I have done some research. I must say that the amount of info is a bit overwhelming and I have a few questions.
    How do you know for sure if you have an overgrowth of candida?
    Is there any test for it and what type of doctor would do it?
    Would the diet alone get rid of it? or must I add the vitamins and supplements? should I be taking any medicine for it?
    Once is controlled, do I have to keep on the diet forever?
    I really appreciate you taking your time to read this. Hope you get a chance to anwer, these hive are driving me insane!
    Laura :)

  93. Hi Bee,
    Your article looks very helpful. I just found out recently that I candida…and it explained why I feel bloated and tired all the time. Apparently, it’s moderate but I still feel like crap. I read about the raw garlic treatment and tried that for a couple days and it totally helped and then I stopped cause I didn’t know how long I should continue so I feel like it’s back again. So how long do I need to keep takin the garlic to permanently get rid of candida? I really hope it’s not a chronic thing…cause I can’t imagine taking that awful tasting garlic everyday :( Oh and my doctor also told me to take Diflucan for 7 days. Can I take the garlic and the tablets at the same time?

  94. 95. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 28th, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    don’t take the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by your doc, they’ll make you worse in the long run.

  95. Fay,
    I agree with Cathy. Any pharmaceutical will suppress your body’s own healing ability in the long term. The sooner you stop taking anything synthetic, the sooner you can begin healing. It can be a long, slow process for some of us, but depending upon how much you are willing to learn and do (take charge of your own health as opposed to the “magic pill” formula), the quicker the process will be! Vibrant health is possible, it just takes dedication:)

  96. Hi
    I am confused. I have recently been diagnosed with Candida but think I have had it for many years. I am looking at the train of information above. 1. Everything else I have read has recommended unprocessed grains such as oats (in moderation). Also, everything i have read contradicts your information that butter, lard, etc are not good for you at all and there are much better sources of vitamins and minerals. Also, I need a LOT of fibre in my diet and your high protein low carb diet has very little fibre. I would really like to cure my Candida but am quite confused about the information. Help.

  97. Hi
    I heard that one of my old friends had a candida problem since childhood and her rapid weight gain and health problems diminished once she got the infection under control.
    I have never been allergic to anything in my life untill a year ago I was diagnosed with a sallicilate allergy when i saw an allergenist. He put me on the ‘elimination diet’ for 10 weeks and I felt amazing! But i found that when i was re introducing the pasta and bread products.. it all went downhill from there. I gained 10 kgs really quickly and after a few months all my original symptoms had returned. Boils on my face and sometimes shoulders… ulcers in my mouth… noticeably foul wind that can cause alot of discomfort.. bloating - so much that eating something like a small 50-100gram meal can make my stomach expand dramatically in size! I truely believe that certain foods cause depression, addiction and overeating and Im not willing to go on the elimination diet again because it is basically ALL sugar and carbs and what goes up comes down. I may have felt great but i ended up a size 12 when i used to be a size 6-8!
    I have candida and I hadnt heard about it till only recently and I recently spoke to my doctor and I have had it since I started having pap smears done in 97! just have this sinking feeling that ive had it all my life and its now gotten out of control and thats what all these horrible symptoms are trying to tell me.
    To make things a lot harder I have religious restrictions on my diet… I cant eat any land dwelling animals or drink their milk (cheese etc) but I eat seafood. I am allowed to eat eggs but I cannot eat the yolk and they must be free range.
    Please help me, I have learnt that conventional Dr.’s just dont tackle the cause of the problems… only the problems symptoms and many ‘alternative’ health care professionals have their own agendas that they focus on… never really assessing a patients WHOLE health and well being even though they have wise advice… it seems that i may be repeatedly being mis-diagnosed and Im just sick and tired of it. I can stick to a diet if thats what I need to do but I would be interested in what your thoughts are? Hope you can help me…?

  98. 99. Cathy Mifsud
    Jan 16th, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Hi Jessica
    read “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.
    After you’ve read NT, read “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A Price.
    You should never eat eggs without the egg yolk.
    You can read the reviews to these books on, I find these reviews a great help before I buy.
    All the best.

  99. Hi

    Is chlorella (mentioned in Bee’s above post) and spirulina safe?

    I read Sally’s post on NT that says algae are so good at soaking up mercury that they are likely contaminated.

    I have mercury body burden, candida etc and have started taking spirulina (the good hawaiin brand) and chlorella in fairly large amounts based on the health rangers articles.

    Should I get rid of these supplements?

    I am following NT principles, which should help with the mercury issues.

  100. I agree with Sally.

  101. Hi
    I just wanted to add that I have done a bit of research on spirulina and chlorella since my last post, contacted a few manufacturers etc and have found that there are good sources of non-contaminated chlorella (lab tested for mercury and contaminants), with the japanese chlorella being high quality/purity. Lots of questionable quality brands too. Similar to the difference between supermarket meats and grass fed organic meat, chlorella is no different and it largely depends on the manufacturer and manufacturing processes.

  102. hello Busy Bee!
    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us…… I am going to start TODAY this battle to brilliant health!
    i am slighty apprehensive about the time and attention it will take to moderate my diet, mostly because as being quite active i wonder what i can eat to stock up…… is there any thing like polenta, quino, wild rice, that could ne incorporated!?
    And this might sound silly but how about honey!?
    Thank you thankyou again

  103. how are nut and seeds viewed also??

  104. Hi Bee

    I stopped smoking in Jan 08 and in march i started to develop pimples on my temple and forehead, my throat felt clogged up constantly, i started having muscular/joint pain & loss of muscular strength in certain areas (especially RHS)my sinuses are clogged even after having a sinus flush procedure. The pimples seem to now have moved to my shoulders. My wife has now started with the same symptoms and has virginal irritation. We have had full examinations, blood tests, various swabs and nothing is identified yet we know something is wrong. We are in our late 30’s eat relatively healthily, work extremely hard and just want to try and irradicate whatever this is.Zyrtec (antihistamine) seems to help but only slightly. I had a antibiotic called “Rociphyn” administered intraveiniously after a spider bite a while ago and it definately seemed to have helped but the back to normal feeling lasted 1 day. All other anti biotics have proven futile. This has been going on for over a year and the doctors here are ignorant - please let me know your thoughts on what this may be Bee ?


  105. I saw a few people ask, but never saw any responses; if I am to cook a meal like ground meat or turkey, is there anything I can add to it that’s safe other than the fresh vegetables that were mentioned i.e.,

    brown rice, wild rice, any type of bean or nut?

    I can live without it, but I feel like I need to find a staple bulk product thats candida safe to add to my meals as I mostly live off of and enjoy beans and rice for instance.

  106. My main symptom is bloating and I have had it for about 6 months. It drives me crazy every day. I started a diet and antifungals and probiotics about 2 weeks ago and my moods have completely changed. I am going to adjust my diet to yours because I still have certiain things I shouldn’t, but I do take a lot of nutrients to help with malabsorption. I am just wondering if anyone here has actually cured this thing, and how long it would take to get rid of my bloating if I strictly followed your program. Also, how much sugars from certain things like salad dressings and almond milk and such should i take in because almost everything has at least 1 gram of sugar in it these days.


  107. Hi Bee,
    I have just come across your website and feel relieved to have found you.
    I had an AVM in 1997 and have had to take Tegretol ever since. I have had candida for about 10 years and wonder if it is still possible to cure despite having to take the above medication. My candida continually causes an odour no matter how many times I shower etc. To say I am depressed about this problem is an understantement.

  108. I was doing good with my diet and I relapesd on sweets and all my symptons came back.I have a bad body odor and I want to know how to get rid of it.

  109. Ryan, if you still have bloating and hunger soon after eating, it may be a sugar metabolism issue rather than (or in addition to ) candida. Insulin resistance (and stress) are the main problems for me. Eating protien and fats, along with some veggies and a little fruit has made a huge difference. It required a huge mental switch, cutting out the grains and legumes, and eating so much animal protien, but reading Nourishing Traditions was a big help. So were The Schwarzbein Principle and The simple truth is that no one needs sugar for any reason. It’s best to avoid it no matter what your state of health. Many people have even commented that my skin is brighter. I don’t feel the need to lay down and sleep after a meal anymore and the bloating only serves as a reminder when I get off track with my diet. I don’t know if I will eat low carb forever, but I feel better now, and that’s what counts. Sugar IS in everything, but you’d be amazed how easy it is to make your own salad dressing. We’ve been lulled into believing that food is something complicated that comes from a shelf. Discovering that you CAN make a fresher ,better dressing pretty fast is a revelation. I don’t miss sugar when I don’t see it or eat it. I find when I do have some, I feel like having more. I hadn’t realized that carbs like bread can have a similar effect until I began skipping the bread basket at restaurants and realized I wasn’t compelled to keep eating till I was over-full.

  110. 111. Schauberger
    Jun 5th, 2009 at 5:42 am

    Hey Bee,

    Thankyou so much for everything you do for everyone.

    I’m 20 years old. I grew up on a typical 90s diet. Frozen veggies, cheap supermarket oils, canned tomatos and lots and lots of lean supermarket meats. From 12-16, most of my diet was homebrand milk and cereal. Two very toxic foods. Since 17, I’ve been spending most of my income on good quality food and trying to get better.

    For nearly 10 years I have grown up with back pain, headaches, fatigue, constipation, constant brain fog, acne, a white coating on my tongue, dandruff, stunted growth (I am much shorter than both my parents and all my grandparents) and for most of my teenage years I was always tired. I now suspect that I also had austism when I was younger, because I was walking at 10 months, then around two years, I relapsed, stop using the toilet, stopped speaking etc.. Recently I have had chronically sore bowels, really revolting zombie-like skin with oozing acne, polycystic ovaries, kidney stones..

    There’s lots of adverse information about Candida on the web. Bees information is gold.

    Within 3 weeks of following Bees advice, my skin had an increasing glow I never thought possible, my acne, which I’ve had for 10 years, cleared to the point where I knew it was just a matter of time, the dark skin around my eyes disappeared.. I woke up some mornings and actually felt charged and happy, which I had not experienced in at least 5 years..

    Unfortunately, last week, due to the confident and careless advice of a Naturopath, I drank some milk, raw rose-hip tea, oats, and ate some chocolate. For 5 days I experienced non-stop pain, that would not even cease enough to allow me to sleep. Chronic stabbing pains in my gut and stomach, vomiting golf-ball sized clumps of yeast, smelly odor, sweats, hot tempreture, fiery-liquid bowels every half-hour, 3 day migrane, dark skin around my sunken eyes.. my zombie-look came back, with lots and lots of nasty acne.
    (I can now say that every health practitioner with the exception of my chiropractor, has done me harm instead of good)

    So the last four days I am back on bees program and feeling heaps better. All health and skin is improving looking good.
    I am definately going to stick to this program for the recommended 2 years.

    Diet is as follows: (all organic)
    Broths, Meats, offal, Raw liver, Various seafoods (including sashimi), fresh-smelling coconut oil, herbs and spices, specified cod liver oil with natural A and D, very low-carb vegies.
    It’s hard to find good supplements, so I am going to do more research on it. The Gerson Institute says that ascorbates cause long term complications. So to curb citrus/vit c cravings, which are about the only cravings I get, I use 100% ascorbic acid. Don’t really know if this is bad either, yet.

    I don’t enjoy eating leafy greens (they seem hard on my stomach, especially at the moment.. so I’m getting a MANUAL wheatgrass/leafy greens juicer. (no electricity, you control the speed, easy to clean) So hopefully with lots of greens shots I will no longer crave citrus.

    Today, I’m making the fermented cabbage for the first time. I am very excited about it.


  111. Hello Bee,
    I have been trying to follow the Candida Diet for 3 months now. Currently, I eat nothing but veggies, meat (liver), chicken thighs, fish (salmon and fillets) and eggs…I use butter when I cook..I am also taking strong garlic supplements. I can not always find organic foods where I am living, but I am trying my best to buy them when I find them.
    My question is, can one really follow this strict diet for as long as 1-2 years? So far, I have tried to adhere to this diet, but with hormonal changes it is difficult especially when that time of the month approaches for me…and I end up taking 1-2 days off the diet. Of course I end up having a die off effect immediately and have to begin all over. Therefore, I have not even begun the phase two probiotics. I do not mind steering off the sugar, although I used to have a sweet tooth, but it’s the fact that I can not have even a bit of honey with a lemonade or something to this effect to steer away from sugar cravings that I find difficult.
    My next question is, when will I know that I am completely cured from the candida? It is frustrating for me, to keep trying to adhere to this diet for such a long time, and not be totaly rid of this problem forever.
    Thank you kindly for reading my long post.

  112. Adding bitters to your diet can help reduce cravings for sweet. Dandelion and other dark leafy greens are good. Or herbal bitters. Most Western diets need more bitter in them anyway.

  113. 114. amanda choat
    Aug 10th, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Hello Bee,

    I read your article with interest. I am about to start on a very strict diet and supplement routine (Linda Allen’s, ‘Yeast Infection No More’). I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing and I’m quite overwhelmed by all the information about Candida. I don’t seem to have the ‘usual’ candida symptoms. I do have terrible hormone imbalances, my legs feel sore to touch, my muscles get easily fatigued but most distressingly I have excessive sweating and night sweats (I also get an occasional itchy bottom). I have had all the usual thyroid checks, seen a dermatologist and am seeing a neurologist (to no avail so far). All the symptoms have been getting worse for the last 10 years. I have read a little on ‘leaky gut syndrome’ and out of desperation I thought I should at least give this diet a go. I don’t know if you are familiar with the ebook I mentioned but there are some major differences. If you could offer me some advice or at least failing that some encouragement that would be great.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  114. 115. Amanda Swan
    Aug 10th, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    You can actually beat candida within a month or two (depending on the case). I just did it.
    You need to stick religiously to the diet AND take something to help kill the candida. Probiotics help too.
    If you’re in Australia, talk to your naturopath (etc) about Metagenics ‘Parex’. I took one with every meal and then eased into 3 with each meal. If I got stomach pains I eased off. My holistic chiropractor/kinesiolgist/acupunturist muscle tested me each week until the parex had done its job. When there was no more candida he told me to stop.

    I’d also highly recommend the following websites:
    (if you’re going to do this one, get muscle tested with the olive leaf extract because, unless its in capsules the glycerine often reacts badly - as told to me by my health care practitioner.

    I hope this helps someone. I saw my sister lose too much weight on the diet (diet alone) and the stress and basic malnourishment was awful to see. It also kind of ruins you’re life when it goes for that long.

    Also try EFT for emotional issues ( look it up on youtube for a demo.

  115. Hi Bee,

    I’m 19 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with candida. I have it throughout my body, mainly in my stomach and lungs, I’ve had it for years apparently. I was given a list of foods I should stay away from, and I was also told it will take roughly two years to get rid of it completely. It’s been three days on a new diet and it is driving me insane. I’m a chocolate person and being told to keep away from dairy products was horrible, but it’s not impossilbe. I have six brothers and sisters and they all love chocolate, so you could imagine the past couple days they’ve been on my case, I will stick to my diet.
    Also I was told to keep away from yeast! Almost everything seems to have yeast in it now.
    Your article was great! It gave me a few ideas on recipes, I’m going to experiment and have fun with this. Who said diets are boring? Maybe I can comvince the family to change their eating habbits, like cut down on chocolate :)

    Thank you very much.

    Bernie xx

  116. My 49 year old sister has an extremely severe case of invasive candidiasis that has been in her system for several years now and over the last couple of months developed a horrid rash over her entire body, including her hands, palms, arms, legs, chest, stomach, feet, anal & vaginal area. The only area not affected, incredibly, is her mouth, which I understand is one of the first spots it can be detected. She has been on the Candida diet, been to the hospital emergency room, seen several doctors (one of which says it’s definitely candida) and has not received much help or relief - it’s actually getting much worse. She cannot take the itch anymore and I believe the disease is becoming life threatening as it may be in her internal organs. Any information you can provide to relieve the horrendous itch or names of doctors who have knowledge in this area would be extremely appreciated. We are searching for a phone support group for her to provide any relief as she is not computer savvy. She is going absolutely crazy today from the itch and I don’t know what to do for her. Thank you for your time in reading this. Carol

  117. Carol, We have heard great testimonials from people who’ve undertaken the primal diet and healed Candida very quickly. See Aajanus Vonderplanitz’ book, We Want to Live

  118. I am in brisbane and suffer from severe bloating and feeling sick all the time etc. I think I may have candida, do you know how I can find the right docotor to diagnose or rule this out?

  119. 120. Christina
    Jan 22nd, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    I am not sure if I have Candida I am 15 years old and I have to admit i am not really taking good care of my self, I am not eating healthy, not been working out , not cleaning myself good enough. My symptoms are Vaginal itch and odor some weird white substance that kinda looks like cotton or something in my urine and it usually comes out once in awhile not all the time. I also have pressure headaches and abdominal pain and mucous in my throat. I have been recently diagnosed with anxiety and i am a hypocondriac so i tend to upsess over my symptom infact that is what im doing right now but i am not lying im concerned and i think im going to die so i have trouble sleeping and its scary. I also have neck and back pains and sometimes chest pains that are usually sudden and only lasts a little bit. I am not overweight and i have never had sex but when i was a little girl i was raped and i dont know if thats the cause of anything. Please Help me out!!!!???????

  120. To Answer Bees comments on Threelac…

    1. The company claims you can take it without doing the diet.

    A:Yes this is true. We have been distributing Threelac to NZ and Australia since 2003 and sold tens of thousands of boxes. For Most people , you don’t need the “crazy” candida diet. Reducing excessive carbs and eliminating refined sugar is usually enough for most people to get excellent results. Of course some people don’t get lasting results because of lifestyle, food intolerances & antibiotics, heavy metal toxicity - but most people get great results with threelac and usually in the first 1-2 months.. Candida is beneficial to the body in it’s correct form so it doesn’t make sense to want to be rid of it completely.

    2. It is expensive, probably because it is very highly marketed.
    A:It’s 48.50USD per box. For the results you get, it is definitely worth it. There are plenty of Candida supplements on the market around the same price that aren’t half as good.

    3. It is processed and contains several ingredients, making it complex, so a person cannot know what they are reacting to if they experience adverse affects from it.
    A:It is no more complex that a probiotic found in your local health store.

    4. One very questionable ingredient is refined yeast powder.
    a: The yeast powder is very minute and is only there to keep the bacteria alive in transit.

    So, while there are a few people that it doesn’t work for , and the occassional 1 in 1,000 that has a sensitivity to citric acid, threelac is a very suitable product for getting Candida issues uner control.

  121. Hello, love this site!
    I am currently healing from a brutal systemic candida infection….finally feeling well again for the first time in a very long time!
    My symptoms included gas, bloating, cramps, distention, rashes (yeast rash around my bum, on my face and hands), eczema, fatigue, depression, anxiety, easy bruising (at one point I had approximately 40 bruises on my legs for absolutely no reason), chronic diarrhea for a few months, severe weight loss, malabsorption, weakened immunty, warts, skin eruptions, boils, abscesses, severe food sensitivities, celiac like gut reaction, symptoms of crohn’s or colitis, irritation to the lining of my stomach and colon from yeast, and migraines. I was a total mess at the age of 27!!!
    This went on for several years.
    I received no help from my doctor, however, I received incredible help from a naturopath and a holistic nutritionist.
    I’ve followed a strict regimen for a few months now. During the first month I took candida cleansing herbs and probiotic pills from the nutritionist, and I eliminated all candida-feeding food from my diet. I ate only raw or steamed vegetables, organic meat and eggs, lot’s of leafy green juices with lemon, organic probiotic yoghurt, a fiber supplement, and lot’s of water. I experienced an intense period of detoxification or “candida die-off” for a few weeks and felt like I was getting worse.
    During the second month things started to improve greatly. I started to take digestive enzymes, an herbal candida tincture from the naturopath, an immune boosting tincture, apple cider vinegar baths, and put clotrimazole yeast cream on my skin rashes. I kept taking lot’s of probiotic pills. Almost all of my symptoms completely disappeared!

    I realize that it will take a long time to completely heal, but I’m well on the way. I take one day and one meal at a time focusing on nourishing, strengthening, and cleansing my body. I read the ingredients of everything I put into my mouth, I’m very careful! I also pay incredibly close attention to what my digestive tract feels like after every meal.

    At this point - the third month of my healing process - my skin is glowing and clear, I have tonnes of energy, I can tolerate the foods that I had “allergic” reactions to before, I’m finally gaining a little bit of weight, I have the energy to do some strength training exercise a few times a week, I have no anxiety or depression, the warts are going away, and thankfully my bowels are returning to normal. I feel like a new person!

    I will keep on doing what I’m doing for the next year or so, and I will avoid sugar at all costs for the rest of my life.

    Good luck out there to anyone suffering from this condition! You can get past it and return to balanced health. I recommend reading “The Yeast Connection” or any other book you can find that educates you about what your body is experiencing during a candida infection.
    Knowledge is power, take control of your health!

  122. 123. Kelly Matthews
    Mar 18th, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Hello Everyone,
    Thank you, I am 40 years old and have found your site very interesting and a great help as I have had many symptoms you’ve describe for many years. I finally went to a Naturopath who diagnosed me with Candida. My food intake has always been high in lollies, chocolates, chips etc. etc. etc. My question is about the diet. Could you suggest a daily diet on a weekly basis, starting with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between and when should you take the supplements through out the day. Kelly M x

  123. I have recently been researching Candida and a diet that will aid in healing. This is by far, the most comprehensive sit that I have found. Kudos to all of your work involved in producing this site! It will help many people in search of answers, I’m certain!

  124. Hi bee, your website is extremely helpful, thankyou for sharing such wonderful information. I have been on many diets over the past two years and have been suffering with panic disorder, anxiety, extreme nausea, stomach issues, balance issues and bouts of hypoglycemia!!! I believe my initial breakthrough was discovering mercury toxicity and having my amalgam fillings removed, i have been on a mercury detox and have noticed a huge improvement, but im still left with all issues on a milder level, hence why i have started the candida detox, my question is that when im on a normal diet i suffer with bouts of hypoglycemia, although i have been tested by doctors who say i am fine, but i have had it often, everyday on this diet, i eat regularly, but feel very weak and shaky in the legs, it does tend to go after i have a good meal, will this get better?, is this a normal reaction? thanks again for all of your support, tanya xx

  125. Hello…

    I am a 47 year old male in good shape, not overweight, and to my knowledge have had this problem for a few years, since some horrible stomach and h-pylori problems 3 years ago. Have had horrible thick sinus mucus and horrible earaches for about 2 years. Maddening. Also had several recurring bouts with athlete’s foot which has never happened in my life.

    Things improved a few months back when I started the diet and Flora Balance, but it came back with a vengeance when I eased off the diet after feeling better. I wanted to know if it will be obvious when the die off begins, and if I’ll ever be able to add back in carbs and sugar. This diet makes me want to break into a bakery and OD on cupcakes.

  126. This website, as well as all of the commentary is very helpful to me! I have discovered just a few months ago that a lifetime of health issues that I have just tried to accept, and thought I was just ‘a spacey kid’ or that chronic fatigue and muscle soreness just ‘ran in the family’ and I just naturally have alot of discharge down there, which results in a tendency toward more yeast infections and vaginitis, etc. However, i noticed that the link to the Bee’s candidiasis support page that is listed is broken and it seems that bee has discontinued her commentary on this page. I did, however, find her new pages at:


    Just thought that newcomers or the confused might find this helpful.

  127. Hi Bee

    I have suffer from candidas since i was… I guess since I was 10 years old. All my life I have been taking antiboitics, and prescribetion drugs that has greatly lower my immune system. Now at 25, I break out in hives every day, have serious health problems such as; food allergies, digestive disorder, liver problems, thyroid imbalance, acne, under weight but always bloated after eating, and more. I really do feel like giving up somethimes, its hard… looking in the mirrow everyday and seeing yourself wasting awaying but looking pregant at the same time. I have been to so many doctors, I’m seeing a natural doctor now but its helping a little, not much. I’m thinking about seeing a nutrionist. Reading the information that you have provided makes A LOT OF SENSE!!!! I have read SO MUCH ABOUT CANDIDAS and your inforamtion is all of what I have read in so many books. I know I can get better. ANY THING IS POSSIBLE THROUGH THE LORD!!! Thank you for setting this up to the views and candidas suffer’s, may GOD BLESS YOU for helping us.


  128. Hi Bee,

    I have actually been diagnosed with Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis in which my body’s immune system looks at my thyroid as an invader, attacks it, and this causes Hypothyroidism. I also have polycystic ovaries, and I get hypoglycemia. I actually just recently realized that 20 drops of cinnamon tincture in water helps with the hypoglycemia. I have had a white coated tongue for for forever, fogginess with certain foods, definite sugar craving issues and digestive issues. I am in beginner stages Hashimotos and am choosing to not take any replacement hormone yet. I have read that Candida, gluten sensitivity and heavy metals could all or singularly be possible culprits of the Hashimotos. I would like to try to determine/treat the underlying cause first before starting the replacement hormone that regular allopathy says you have to take for your lifetime. Also, the replacement hormone does not heal the hashimotos immune aspect; it just feeds the experienced symptoms of the thyroid being attacked, in which I’ve heard that higher levels are continually needed throughout life; this is because the underlying immune issue is not being addressed, and the body continues to attack the thyroid. Modern medicine has no answer for the autoimmune aspect (real healing); they are just testing symptoms.

    Do you know anything about this condition? I am just wondering if I address the Candida, gluten and heavy metals, how long it will take. I would like to not take the replacement hormone until the underlying causes are addressed, but if it takes a really long time, this might not benefit me to wait on the hormone. Fortunately since I am in beginner stages, my Endocrinologist says it is ok to wait for a little bit, but I don’t believe that he would be open to the idea of Candida, gluten and/or heavy metals being the culprit. He just thinks it’s a condition I have, and it is bound to get worse, and inevitable that I will have to go on and stay on the hormone at some point.

    I am not a vegetarian, but I have read a lot about a Raw Live Vegan (alkalizing) diet. Supposedly, in an alkaline environment, all diseases cannot survive, and Candida cannot survive as well. Also, supposedly you get more nutrients from vegetables that are uncooked or cooked lower than a certain temp for the enzymes are not destroyed. They use sprouts, nutbutters and avocado as their protein. I’ve thought about checking out this place called Hippocrates Health Institute life change program. But you say it is important to eat meats. I often times feel better w/animal protein, but I haven’t immersed myself in the Raw lifestyle so I am not sure.

    Even though my Endocrinologist said I could wait on the hormone, my father who is an allopathic physician (he recommended the Endo) and my relationship person (who actually thinks holistically like I do a lot of the time), both are driving me crazy telling me to take the hormone Now. My father is demanding I take Synthetic, and my relationship person is going with me in that I said that if I’d ever take, I’d take Armour (natural pig derived)–(they reformulated this successful formula, though, and so that’s annoying).

    What do you think about treating the underlying cause first to see if it in fact alters the test results before jumping to the drug? But you said it could take years!! But there is one person on here who said she noticed results in a few months. I wanted to start out w/a colon cleanse, and then do heavy metal and yeast cleanse.???

  129. I really would like to find a good naturopathic doctor in the NY or NJ area that takes my health insurance…or a functional endocrinologist…but I would like recommendations from someone who has had positve results. I have thought about acupuncture as well, and have read about chlorella (which you mentioned somewhere in here) and far infrared saunas, which I have heard help to get rid of heavy metals.

  130. I don’t have any mercury fillings.

  131. I thought if you have systemic yeast infection, cheese was bad for you.

  132. Hi Bee,

    I’m a sufferer of chronic yeast infections and I’ve recently found that the infection goes much farther than the vagina. I’ve had digestive problems, strange mood swings, eye blurriness, re-occurring sore throats and other weird symptoms. I’ve been doing research and came across your website! I just have a couple questions:

    -I read on multiple websites that the Candida diet wont completely rid of yeast in the body and that I need to only use the diet to weaken the yeast and then take diflucan or some other anti-fungal to completely kill it off. Is this true?

    -Also, I’ve attempted the diet for about 2 weeks but started to cheat, probably because my roommate/friends all eat terribly so I’m constantly around temptation. I want to try again, but I was wondering if I do happen to cheat a day or so here or there if I will essentially have to start all over?

    -And last, I’ve heard vodka as long as its mixed with sugar free mixers, is OK on occassion. Just wanted to check if thats true.

    Thanks so much!!

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