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Leaky Gut and Native Nutrition

By Joanne Hay

Lena emailed me asking…

“I just joined the WestonAPrice organisation and need help. My husband took the
Triad Profile test from Metametrix and has been found to have leaky gut and has
moderate to high sensitivity to casein, milk, eggs and almonds. He loves his
cakes, and pancakes. I would like help to know if he will be able to go onto
Raw Milk (i’ve bought 6 litres for the family) or can I give him yoghurt
fermented with kefir?

My answer…

Lena, the human body is a self healing oganisim. There is a good chance your husband will be able to eat a whole food version of the foods he loves again. His gut needs time to heal. Avoiding the foods he’s sensitive to for a time would be a good start. Having said that, most people who are intolerant to milk find they can consume raw real milk without problems. Kefired milk is much easier to digest as the lactose and casein has been predigested by the Kefir. I would be inclined to check his response by testing his pulse as Sally suggested in answer to an Ask Sally Fallon question this month.

In Nourishing Traditions she outlines to protocol,” An easy way to ascertain whether you are allergic to a certain food is the following:

Avoid the suspected food for at least 4 days.

Then eat a moderate amount of it on an empty stomach.

Test your pulse before and after eating the food.

If your pulse rises more than a few beats per minute, or if you have any adverse reactions you are probably allergic to it.”

I would suggest you avoid all foods that raise your pulse retesting them every couple of months while you set about to heal the leaky gut.

My favourite super food for healing the colon is bone broth. A cup every morning before any food and a soup made on broth before the evening meal is a good start. I’ll also recommend the Mucous membrane rebuilder recipe to assist in the regrowth of the mucosa in which the proper bacteria thrive. Coconut oil is also a good addition to the diet as is marrow or brains.

Of course, all refined foods should be avoided: refined wheat and other grains, this includes, pasteurised dairy, refined sugar, vegetable oil, food additives.

Check your husband had enough hydrochloric acid also. He may require supplementation of HCl as well as protein enzymes for a while.

Leaky gut is not like a hose with holes in it. Think of it more like angry red swollen tissue which healthy mucous can not adhere to, weeping ulcerated tissue which is so distended, its normal protective coating is not able to stop underdigested proteins from passing through and damaging it further. Coconut will sooth the swelling, broth will assist in healing and mucous membrane rebuilder will, you guessed it, rebuild the mucous.

Does any one else have any suggestions for Lena? Is there something I missed.

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Joanne Hay, Editor of Nourished Magazine, Chief Nourisher and Mother of three is very grateful to live in Byron Bay and be able to share all she has learned about Nourishment. She has trained as an Acupuncturist (unfinished), Kinesiologist (finished) and parent (never finished). She serves the Weston A Price Foundation as a chapter leader. She loves sauerkraut, kangaroo tail stew, home made ice cream, her husband Wes and her kids Isaiah, Brynn and Ronin (in no particular order…well maybe ice cream first).

COMMENTS - 3 Responses

  1. Ghee is extremely healing to the gut
    - it is pure butteroil so no casein and lactose.

    It is easy to make with good quality of butter.

  2. there is a diet called the specific carbohydrate diet that is worth looking into.

  3. 3. healthfanatic
    Jan 30th, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Joanne,

    should people with leaky gut consider using slippery elm or L-Glutamine?


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