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Mothers given wrong infant health advice for 40 years

By Joanne Hay

BREAST-FEEDING mothers have been given potentially harmful advice on infant nutrition for the past 40 years, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has admitted.

These breast-feeding mothers were wrongly told that their babies were underweight and were advised, or felt pressured, to fatten them up by giving them formula milk or extra solids.

Health experts believe the growth charts may have contributed to childhood obesity and associated problems such as diabetes and heart disease in later life.

Mercedes de Onis, who co-ordinates WHO child growth standards, said: “Breast-fed babies appear to self-regulate their energy intake to lower levels. Breast-fed babies have different metabolic rates and different sleeping patterns. Formula-fed babies seem to have higher intakes of energy and, as a result, are heavier.”

Check the article in The Times.

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Joanne Hay, Editor of Nourished Magazine, Chief Nourisher and Mother of three is very grateful to live in Byron Bay and be able to share all she has learned about Nourishment. She has trained as an Acupuncturist (unfinished), Kinesiologist (finished) and parent (never finished). She serves the Weston A Price Foundation as a chapter leader. She loves sauerkraut, kangaroo tail stew, home made ice cream, her husband Wes and her kids Isaiah, Brynn and Ronin (in no particular order…well maybe ice cream first).

COMMENTS - 3 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this webpage- I read it very often and find it very interesting.
    I live in Denmark- Europe and there are sadly no pages like this .

    Love the mixture of topics.

  2. This is so confirming for me. When my daughter was four months old, the nurse at her checkup told me she didn’t weigh quite as much as she “would like” and that that “we” would start her on solids (despite a family history of allergies) immediately and then on meats at six months. I looked up her weight and found she was in the 25th percentile but still within the normal weight range so I continued to exclusively breastfeed until she was six months old and then slowly started her on solids. She was a healthy baby with no colds, ear infections or any other illnesses. The first time she got sick was when I started her on solids and she had a reaction to bananas! I’m so glad I followed my instincts.

  3. Faith
    That’s where mothering comes into it’s own. By following our intuitions we can bypass a lot of the rubbish we are being fed by well meaning medicos, relatives and governments. If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right. Surrounding ourselves with supportive people is important, especially during pregnancy, birth and our children’s early years. Of course, our instincts can become clouded by what we think is the right way. I did this with my first child, insisting I continue to be vegetarian even though we both were suffering. Our support network we can trust to question our ego is even more necessary in these times.


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