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Swine Flu: No one’s talking about building natural immunity

By The Nourisher

This is part of an email sent to Weston A Price Foundation Members:

You are all aware of the dire warnings about swine flu, the outbreak that started in the Mexican village of La Gloria and which local residents blame on infection and/or toxins coming from local confinement hog operations.

The internet is abuzz with warnings bordering on hysteria (conventional media) to a variety of conspiracy theories, and even to allegations that the pandemic is a government fabrication designed to sell stockpiles of anti-viral medications.

Conventional medical advice ranges from wearing face masks to taking the anti-viral drug called tamiflu (which can have many serious side effects.)

It is interesting to note that not once in all the media broadcasts have we heard any mention of building natural immunity

Natural Immunity

Fortunately, we do not have to sit back and listen to the news about swine flu feeling helpless and anxious.  We can be proactive by simply nourishing ourselves and our families.

Vitamins A and D in cod liver oil offer strong protection against infection of all types, as well as against environmental toxins.

Vitamin C is important-either from vitamin C-rich foods like sauerkraut, or from one of the natural vitamin C supplements recommended in our Shopping Guide.

Healthy gut flora provide 85 percent of our protection against disease.  Be sure to consume healthy lacto-fermented foods and beverages every day and avoid the foods that disrupt gut flora, especially refined carbohydrates.

Bone broth plays a double role of supporting the immune system and helping the body detoxify.

Coconut Oil

We are grateful to Beth Beisel, registered dietitian and WAPF member for reminding us about the protective factors in coconut oil. Swine flu is a lipid coated virus, and thus is inactivated by sufficient amounts of monolaurin.   (Our bodies convert lauric acid, found in coconut oil, to monolaurin).

According to our own Dr. Mary Enig, two to three tablespoons of coconut oil per day appears to be an adequate dosage to fight infection, even from virulent antibiotic-resistant organisms such as MSRA.

There are lots of ways to get coconut oil into the diet: stir coconut oil in some tea; make macaroons; replace some of the butter in baking with coconut oil; and use it in cooking/sauteing. Mary’s oil blend (see below) is a good way to incorporate coconut oil in cooking and salad dressings.

Mary’s Oil Blend

1/3 melted coconut oil
1/3 sesame oil - expeller pressed
1/3 100% olive oil

Combine oils, store in a tight container, in an area free from sunlight, and use in cooking or on salads.

Coconut Smoothie

Beth has shared this great smoothie recipe with us.

1 banana
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup pomegranate/blueberry juice
1/2 cup natural yogurt or kefir, preferably homemade from raw milk
1/2 can coconut milk

Whirl in blender and drink to your health!

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COMMENTS - 8 Responses

  1. All sorts of information is flying around about how to keep tabs on your health during this latest flu pandemic, well if your not already taking a daily probiotic then its maybe time to start thinking about it, prevention is always better than the cures that most western doctors are offering.

    Did you know that 85% of your body’s immunity against flu and other seasonal ‘bugs’ lies in your gut? That equates to 4/5 of the body’s immune system located in the lining of the small intestine so it makes sense to give that area of the body some extra love and attention.

    Its especially important now that Swine Flu – a variant of the old Influenza A – has struck. Whether or not it takes hold in your family depends on how many ‘good’ bacteria you can summon to fight off the ‘bad’ invaders. A daily probitoic can make a huge difference to your intestinal health and general wellbeing.

    I struggled to find a genuine organic probiotic that didn’t contain any hidden extras. About three years ago I began using a certified organic product called In Liven to help keep my immune system balanced and I havent looked back.

    In-Liven is the result of over 20 years research & development, the bacteria are produced from fruits and vegetables and not fast-tracked from faecal matter. It also contains significant enzymes, vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients and of course millions of friendly bacteria (Lactobacillus)

    Certified organic In-Liven probiotic superfood and Fast-Tract gluten-free probiotic liquid were developed to help boost the body’s defences against seasonal viral diseases, and since that includes Swine Flu, can you afford to ignore the them?

    Great side effects were that my skin was alot more radiant and my energy levels increased as a result, giving true meaning to the words organic inner health.

    Im a big fan of the power to help boost our bodies natural defenses, especially at times like these and once it becomes apart of your everyday routine its like you’ve always been taking it.

  2. Um, Gareth? Sauerkraut *has* probiotics in it. So does yogurt. So does kefir.

    I would rather get my good germs from the food I eat than spend fifty dollars or worse a month on unproven supplements that may or may not replicate what I’d find naturally in a good diet. Number one, I can’t afford it; number two, I’d rather not line the pockets of the health and wellness industry that has done so much to mislead so many people unless I know the makers and the product personally and can vouch for them.

    I mean, if I have to because I’m short on something (as with a vitamin or mineral supplement), so be it, but given the *choice*… well.

  3. Thanks for the mention (above!). I’ve just found GAPS and been learning about gut health for immunity, as you talked about. It’s amazing what a healthy system of bacteria in the body can do for health. Good for you for bringing up a more holistic mindset.

  4. Well I think the Swine Flu began on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. They’ve infected one another through greed, power, and arrogance.
    Who gets swine flu’, it looks like 38% of the infected population is missing.

  5. This is a great site. The swineflu was just an ordinary flu, but the way governments and drug companies got hold over peoples minds was certainly extraordinary.

  6. I have found thispost very informative and interesting.
    Anyone looking for virgin coconut oil at good prices should try


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