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When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…… The Nourisher.

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Feminine Mystique

By Joanne Hay March 31st, 2008


How many of you, dear Nourishers enjoyed last month's article about Feminine energy. Filippa and I would like to encourage this discussion more. So we're offering a prize this month to any bloggers and readers who wish to comment. Answer this question: "How has the Goddess filled your life and how ... MORE...

Goddess in every circle

By Joanne Hay March 2nd, 2006


Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of Goddesses in Everywoman and Crones Don't Whine has also released a book called The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World--The Essential Guide to Women's Circles Writing about the importance of women circling to imbibe the sacred feminine into our lives, she realised she could create a website where women could do just that in cyberspace. MORE...

Lo Fat No Help.

By Joanne Hay February 8th, 2006


The largest study ever to ask whether a low-fat diet reduces the risk of getting cancer or heart disease has found that the diet has no effect. The $415 million US federal study involved nearly 49,000 women ages 50 to 79 who were followed for eight years. In the end, those assigned to a low-fat diet had the same rates of breast cancer, colon cancer, heart attacks and strokes as those who ate whatever they pleased, researchers are reporting today. New York Times It is such a pity it has taken 50 years to hear the truth spoken about fat. MORE...

Natural Contraception

By Joanne Hay May 31st, 2005


It just struck me that we have no reference to Family Planning and Natural Contraception on our site. Dr Mercola's blog reminded me this morning with the scary post title How Contraceptives Kill a Women's Libido For the Long Term. This sent me on a search for references on the web for more wholistic alternatives MORE...

Teens Before Their Time

By Sally Fallon May 27th, 2005


A recent feature article in Time Magazine reported on the disturbing increase in early puberty among girls in the US. According to a recent study reported in the journal Pediatrics,1 one percent of all American girls now show signs of puberty, such as breast development or pubic hair, before the age of three; by age eight, 14.7 percent of white girls and almost 50 percent of African-American girls had one or both of these characteristics. The consequences of truncated childhood are tragic. Young girls with mature bodies must cope with feelings and urges that most children are not well-equipped to handle. And early maturation in girls is frequently a harbinger for problems with the reproductive system later in life including failure to menstruate, infertility, breast cancer, headaches and early menopause. MORE...

nour·ish (nûrsh, nr-)
  1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
  2. To foster the development of; promote: “Athens was an imperial city, nourished by the tribute of subjects” (V. Gordon Childe).
  3. To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

Originating from Latin Nutrire which means to feed or suckle

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