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When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…… The Nourisher.

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Hopi Prophecy

By The Nourisher November 24th, 2008


"You have been telling the  people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and  tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be  considered: Where are you living?   What are you  doing? What are your relationships?   Are you in right  relation? Where is your water?  Know ... MORE...

Scorpions and Starfish: Chinese delicacies from Beijing - Great Pics

By The Nourisher September 8th, 2008


Visitors to the Beijing Olympics are enjoying some gastronomical delights that many a Nourisher would love to get a hold of. These traditional foods are packed with nutrient dense ingredients. These starfish are ... MORE...

Beauty We Don’t Know About

By The Nourisher June 2nd, 2008


When I first saw these photos I couldn't believe the beauty I beheld. Also, I couldn't believe my former beliefs about what the Middle East was like. Decades of news reels showing devastated cities, dust and ugly war pollution had lead me to believe the Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and other ... MORE...

Judy Wicks, Goddess of Localism, comes to Australia

By The Nourisher May 13th, 2008


In 2004, INC magazine named Judy Wicks one of America's 25 most fascinating entrepreneurs, "because she's put in place more progressive business practices per square foot than any other entrepreneur". Founder and CEO of the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, Judy is also co-founder and a director of the US-wide ... MORE...

History vs Destiny

By Joanne Hay May 9th, 2007


I received this email today. It's a look into the daily life of our ancestors (Anglo Saxon) 500 years ago. Wow MORE...

The Mind, Grace and Anandagiriji

By Joanne Hay February 6th, 2007


Recently, Australia was blessed to receive a visit from Anandagiriji, a director of the Oneness University of India. Wes and I attended the Oneness Conference in Adelaide and also met with Anandagiriji here in Byron Bay. We were blown away. This gorgeous man is only 28 years old and has been 'awakened' since he was 17. He is physically beautiful and carries and air of power and compassion you don't often feel. Extraordinarily though, the longer time we spent in his presence the more we realised just how ordinary he was. MORE...

I Don’t Want My Fat TV

By Richard and Mary Morris January 24th, 2007


"How much of my life had I wasted being indoctrinated with messages of discontent that could only be salved by buying things I didn't want and rarely needed? How much of my potential had been squandered watching fictitious depictions of people living life rather than me actually living my own life?"- Breadand 1995 was the year I stopped my TV addiciton. 12 years of my life I have been free. When my now husband and I moved in together 3 years later I let him know, as I now let my kids know "if you want television, live elsewhere". MORE...

Moondark Thanksgiving

By Jessica Prentice November 27th, 2006


The moon is new! It is also the weekend of the national holiday we call Thanksgiving. It is the one time of year when nearly everyone in America prays over their meal and gives thanks for the food on their plates. It is the one day when the web of connection that feeds us all on every day of the year emerges from the mists of invisibility to shimmer in the light, and all of us glance at it for a moment of wonder and awe. It is a rare occasion when America as a whole expresses its gratitude instead of its longing or dissatisfaction. And to me, that makes it a precious moment indeed. MORE...

Limted time and budget but Nourished none the less.

By Kris Johnson July 12th, 2006


No one deserves more sympathy than the working parent on a limited budget. Finding the time, energy and means to prepare nutritious meals for oneself and one's children poses a real challenge, especially as the temptation to opt for convenience foods is very great. MORE...

Longevity and Health Lessons from 1613AD

By Joanne Hay July 9th, 2006


Old Parr AKA Thomas Parr, one of the oldest living human in recorded history was born in 1483. One hundred and thirty years later, in 1613, he could thresh grain with a hand flail. His fame, however, did not grow to national proportion until 1635, when he was brought to the attention of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel, who took him up to London so that the king might see him. MORE...

nour·ish (nûrsh, nr-)
  1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
  2. To foster the development of; promote: “Athens was an imperial city, nourished by the tribute of subjects” (V. Gordon Childe).
  3. To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

Originating from Latin Nutrire which means to feed or suckle

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