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When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…… The Nourisher.

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Swine Flu: No one’s talking about building natural immunity

By The Nourisher May 5th, 2009


This is part of an email sent to Weston A Price Foundation Members: You are all aware of the dire warnings about swine flu, the outbreak that started in the Mexican village of La Gloria and which local residents blame on infection and/or toxins coming from local confinement hog operations. The ... MORE...

Scorpions and Starfish: Chinese delicacies from Beijing - Great Pics

By The Nourisher September 8th, 2008


Visitors to the Beijing Olympics are enjoying some gastronomical delights that many a Nourisher would love to get a hold of. These traditional foods are packed with nutrient dense ingredients. These starfish are ... MORE...

June Editorial :: A Nourished Pregnancy

By The Nourisher June 1st, 2008


Nourishing New Service :: Real Milk Herdshares While our dear readers have been exclaiming at the lack of Real Milk available, we've been humming away at our computers creating a possible solution to our milky woes. That's right. Get over there and register your interest ... MORE...

Traditional Foods Stall Miami Organic Market, Gold Coast Hwy, 1st June

By The Nourisher May 15th, 2008


Find out about traditional foods, why they are important and how to make them. Brochures and books will be available along with examples of traditional foods. This stall will only be here the one time so be sure to stop by and please tell your friends and family ... MORE...

The Sweet Sound of Cowbells

By Lune October 26th, 2007


Thanks to Louisa for being a guest blogger. Her blog, Constant State of Flux, is inspiring and enjoyable. Stay tuned as she will be part of the Nourishing our Children Blogging project coming soon. My family and I drink raw cows’ milk and use raw milk products every day; raw ... MORE...

Milk, Milk Glorious Milk: The Real Raw Milk Cure Week 3

By Joanne Hay October 22nd, 2007


Wow, this little experiment has attracted quite a bit of attention. I suppose it is a little unorthodox in today's terms. Who would think to do a fast on only milk. Especially the quality of milk most households can access. Carolyn has prompted me to continue so here's the next installment. Week ... MORE...

Milk Milk Glorious Milk - The Real Raw Milk Cure Week 2

By Joanne Hay October 7th, 2007


Have you been wondering how we're going since last week? The best news is, we don't stink any more. yay yay! And the sex is back. Thank The Goddess. Moving right along, there were some days I didn't think we'd make and and some days, we didn't really. Wednesday night we'd ... MORE...

Milk Milk Glorious Milk - The Real Raw Milk Cure Week 1

By Joanne Hay October 1st, 2007


Week one is over. My Goddess, what an experience. I'll fill you in on what we ate, how we felt and how we smelled. Thursday to Sunday. We began drinking a smoothie for breakfast made with Kefirred raw milk - we used our new kefir grains from Dom who has ... MORE...

Sauerkraut Cabbage Rolls, know the recipe?

By Joanne Hay August 30th, 2007


Fiona has emailed me asking... "I read with interest your recipe for Saur Cabbage, however, I am looking for a recipe that involves using the whole cabbage head and the exact  process involved especially as I am wanting to freeze the cabbages aftewards and use them for making Cabbage rolls.  My ... MORE...

Healing Tooth Decay

By Joanne Hay August 14th, 2007


I had an email from a reader I want to share. Michelle read that I healed Brynn's dental decay, caused by my ignorantly giving her soy milk and rice milk as a toddler. She wanted to know how I did it. Here's our interaction... Thanks for your ... MORE...

nour·ish (nûrsh, nr-)
  1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
  2. To foster the development of; promote: “Athens was an imperial city, nourished by the tribute of subjects” (V. Gordon Childe).
  3. To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

Originating from Latin Nutrire which means to feed or suckle

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