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When we got married the registry wouldn’t let me put Super Hero as my occupation, they put Home Duties on our marriage certificate instead. But I AM a Super Hero and my Super Hero name is…… The Nourisher.

'Real Raw Milk' Articles

Legalize Raw Milk: demand Obama looks at this issue

By The Nourisher January 7th, 2009


There's a movement of citizens inspired by the presidential campaign who are now submitting ideas for how they think the Obama Administration should change America. It's called "Ideas for Change in America." One idea is titled: Legalize Milk. I thought you might be interested in getting involved and recommend you ... MORE...

The Nourisher interviewed on TV about Raw Milk, Asthma, Eczema, tooth decay.

By The Nourisher November 1st, 2008


Check this out. [youtube:]

Nourished Community FSANZ submission for Raw Milk

By The Nourisher September 14th, 2008


Dear Nourishers, this is what we'll be submitting on behalf of the Nourished Community to FSANZ in response to their call for submissions on their proposal for raw milk. If you wish to submit yourself, which it is advised as many people as possible do (numbers talk), feel free to ... MORE...

Vonderplanitz and Campbell Douglass’s testimony on Raw Milk

By The Nourisher September 10th, 2008


Thanks to Scott Wheeler of FlexRx Clinical Fitness for this information. This report was written, compiled and condensed by the International Medical Expert on MILK, natural and pasteurized, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., author of the definitive analysis of scientific and clinical study on milk, The Milk Book; and the ... MORE...

Raw Milk Consumer’s Comments

By The Nourisher September 8th, 2008


Below are some comments by past contributors to Nourished. They will be helpful to include in Project 3 in our Blogging project. "I'm really excited about this. Would love to get the milk (AND BUTTER AND CHEESE). My 20c worth: is there any possibility of getting it in Glass containers? ... MORE...

FSANZ update: Raw Dairy in US support Nourished Community

By The Nourisher September 8th, 2008


Upon my request Mark McAffee from Organic Pastures Dairy in California, has offered some suggestions as to what we need to ask FSANZ for in our submission regarding Raw Milk Safety (Project 1): Follow the guidelines for raw milk certifications set out by Raw USA No commingling of raw ... MORE...

One Submission to FSANZ complete

By Judy Williams September 4th, 2008


I have read your discussion paper on the above topic and also spoken with Christina Belpirio over the phone. I believe FSANZ has covered the current issues in detail and applaud your approach. I am in touch with many people Australia wide who desperately wish to purchase fresh raw milk legally or ... MORE...

BLOG WITH US FOR RAW MILK: Tell FSANZ what you want.

By The Nourisher September 3rd, 2008


As of October 2008, FSANZ will take over control from the different states the responsibility for public health and safety with regards to Food Standards. Currently all states have laws that prohibit the sale of raw milk for consumption. FSANZ is looking into changing the laws and allowing sale of ... MORE...

Dr Sears hassled by Aussie Dairy Rep about Real Milk comments

By The Nourisher August 14th, 2008


Here's a great letter from Dr Sears MD. Dear ... , I get loads of e-mails about my take on things, some of them skeptical. But it’s ... MORE...

Nourished in a major Newspaper

By Joanne Hay November 25th, 2007


Nourished Magazine has been quoted in the Melbourne Sunday Age! My mum will be so proud. She'll probably buy it and keep a copy for posterity. She'll write under it the clipping in her scrap book, "Jo is part of the beginning of the Raw Milk Revolution in Australia." Michelle Griffith ... MORE...

nour·ish (nûrsh, nr-)
  1. To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.
  2. To foster the development of; promote: “Athens was an imperial city, nourished by the tribute of subjects” (V. Gordon Childe).
  3. To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

Originating from Latin Nutrire which means to feed or suckle

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